University of Mary Vision 2030 Capital Campaign

Students are gravitating to the University from the region and around the world, drawn by a reputation for academic excellence and a foundational emphasis on service.

We are poised to take our next great leap forward.

The University’s commitment to creating graduates who are lifelong learners, servant leaders and whole persons is declared in the University’s powerful identity statement —University of Mary: ‘for Life.’

This is Vision 2030:

Dedicated to preparing students to excel in their careers, these are Centers of Distinction:

  • An 80,000-square-foot state-of-the-art Lumen Vitae University Center at the heart of campus, a welcoming communal space for hospitality, study and conversation.

  • An 80,000-square-foot field house that includes a 4,250-square-foot Wellness Center and a 200-meter indoor track, to meet the recreational, athletic and fitness needs of students.

  • A School of Engineering, offering degrees in Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering.

  • A Graduate School of Health Sciences, creating the leaders of excellence who will meet today’s growing healthcare needs.

Building a culture of leadership in our community and in our world, rooted in life-changing experiences, the University is dedicated to Service.

Under this principle are:

  • A Center for University Ministry to support the spiritual needs of our students.

  • St. Joseph/St. Scholastica Residence Halls, offering vocation-based living communities.

  • A campus in Peru, a second international location in addition to the University’s Rome campus.

To nurture life-enhancing and transformative Relationships, we will address these needs:

  • Additional residence halls that create a more lively residential campus encourages lifelong friendships and intellectual growth.

  • Enhancements to our location at Arizona State University, bringing serious Catholic education to the state of Arizona.

  • 24/7 Dining availability to meet students’ schedules.

  • Multiple courtyard spaces - magnets for quiet time or group gatherings.

  • Student-friendly enhancements to varsity athletic venues, to support the University’s 17 NCAA Division II sports teams and enhance school spirit.

The University of Mary aspires to:

Create Centers of Distinction that serve both traditional and non-traditional learners; develop a Community of Scholars by strengthening a vibrant faculty; and use the benefits of technology to create State-of-the-Art Facilities that include additional housing, a new campus center, athletic facilities, services, and amenities.


  • Lumen Vitae University Center, $24 million
  • Centers of Distinction, $6 million
  • Community of Scholars, $34 million
  • Facility Renovations, $34 million
      • Benedictine Center, Clairmont Center, Harold Miller Center, Lab Schools,
      • Learning Communities
  • Fine Arts Auditorium, $8 million
  • Graduate Center downtown, $12 million
  • Graduate School of Health Sciences, $20 million
  • Infrastructure and Technology, $11 million
  • Medical School, $63 million
  • School of Engineering, $10 million
  • Student Housing, $25 million

The University of Mary aspires to:

Enhance its ongoing tradition of Discernment and Renewal by unifying and expanding its ministries under a single vision and mission; build a culture of servant leadership through Service Learning rooted in our Benedictine tradition.

The need for an well-educated and highly skilled workforce will only accelerate in the years to come. In order to keep pace with North Dakota’s growing economy, the demand will only grow for teachers of excellence, health care professionals of compassion, ethical business leaders, skilled communicators and innovative scientists, inspired artists and musicians.

We intend that many of the best and brightest of those professionals will be graduates of the University’s Schools of Business, Education, Health Sciences, Arts and Sciences and Engineering.

The University of Mary is also uniquely placed, in this era of rapid change, to preserve and advance the values we hold dear, the traditional heritage of prairie neighborliness, integrity and dedication to family and community. As medieval monastic communities protected and preserved the classical knowledge of the past, and were the cradle and creators of the modern university, so the University of Mary carries that torch today, to preserve and disseminate the best of learning in this, our age.

In concrete terms, the University of Mary has a tremendous impact on our local community. Its annual contribution to the local economy is nearly $150 million and growing.

Beyond that, the University renews its dedication to creating graduates who are leaders, and furthermore, radiate in their lives the light of compassion and service.


  • Campus Services and Amenities, $5 million
  • Discernment and Renewal, $100,000
  • Religious Literacy, $1.5 million
  • Service Learning, $1.5 million

The University of Mary aspires to:

Foster a Community of Learning that is lively and welcoming, with a state-of-the-art Campus Center, encompassing spaces for dining, gathering, learning, and more; renovate and construct new Athletic Spaces to serve the needs of all students and intensify vibrant school spirit; and expand its presence in Arizona, where the University offers a unique Catholic voice to students at Arizona State University.


  • Arizona Campus Expansion, $6 million
  • Communications, $7 million Development, $5 million
  • Field House, $10 million
  • Hegeholz Field, $10 million
  • Integrating Athletics, $300,000
  • McDowell Activity Center Upgrades, $2.5 million