Make a difference in the world. Become a teacher! 

Teachers have always served as community role models and leaders. At Mary, we believe your decision to major in education is about your whole life and who you truly are, not just a degree. Many people come to the teaching profession as their true calling. If that’s the case for you, we invite you to learn more about your degree options at Mary.

Year-Round Campus

Mary is changing the face of higher education with our exciting Year-Round Campus. Choose to complete your degree in education without taking summers completely off, and you can:

  1. Graduate sooner.

    Take just 2.6 years to earn your bachelor’s degree or a total of 4 years to get your bachelor’s degree and your master’s degree in education.

  2. Get ahead.

    With Year-Round Campus, you can start working and earning money much sooner, with an estimated lifetime financial benefit topping $300,000.

  3. Save money.

    Summer classes cost less. Plain and simple.

Real Affordability

Mary is one of the most affordable private or Catholic universities in the country. In addition, you’ll have access to scholarships and other financial aid options. Choosing Mary could be your first big career decision–affecting your success and your budget for years to come.

Find the Degree Option that fits your needs

Education Majors

Here’s the full list of bachelor’s degrees in education that Mary offers:

Master's Degrees in Education

Mary also offers many graduate degrees in education. If you make the most of our Year-Round Campus and choose to stay to complete a master’s degree too, you can finish both degrees in 4 years–instead of the 6 years or more that many people spend.

Master's Degrees for Teachers

Graduate Degrees for Administrators