Student Teacher Portfolios

Education majors create and present professional portfolios during the semester prior to student teaching. The portfolio is designed to showcase:

  • Their growth toward readiness for student teaching
  • Their students’ growth
  • Expression of appreciation for and work with diverse populations
  • Classroom management
  • Serving others
  • The transition from theory to practice

The portfolios include coursework artifacts that are further developed to reflect the candidate’s current level of professional readiness. Through the coursework updating process, candidates become aware of and empowered by their own growth throughout their programs. This is a practice of self-evaluation and self-reflection – two essential professional habits of a successful teacher.

Morgan Bauer – Elementary Education 

Tara Binstock – Early Childhood Education 

Meredith Friederichsen – Social Studies Education 

Shyla Haak– Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education 

Audra Hilger – Early Childhood Education 

Jacob Morgan – Social Studies Education 

Caitlin Molter – Elementary Education 

Ben Schmidt – Social Studies Education 

Grace Streeter – Early Childhood Education 

Elizabeth Thompson – Biology Education 

Madisyn Waltman – Elementary Education and Special Education 

Joy Warne – Elementary Education 

Reese Wishart – Math Education 

Undergraduate Education Students

Morgan Bauer - Elementary Education

Caitlin Molter - Elementary Education (pre-OT)

Joy Warne - Elementary Education & Special Education

Grace Streeter - Early Childhood Education

Madisyn Waltman - Elementary Education & Special Education

Reese Wishart - Math Education

Josh Dachel - Math Education

Brooke Binegar - Math Education

Treyton Mattern - Physical Education

Grant Skibicki - Physical Education

Alex Kaseman - Physical Education

Ella Koneiczka - Elementary Education

Tara Binstock - Early Childhood Education + Special Education Minor

Audra Hilger - Early Childhood Education

Shyla Haak - Early Childhood Education & Elementary Education

Sydni Martin - English Education

Ben Schmidt - Social Studies Education

Meredith Friederichsen - Social Studies Education

Jacob Morgan - Social Studies Education

Elizabeth Thompson - Biology Education

Undergraduate Education Students

Mark Bjelland — Elementary Education & Special Education

Shelby Brekhus — Elementary Education & Special Education

Rebecca Brydl — Early Childhood Education & Elementary Education

Austin Cabral — Elementary Education

Emily Cicha — Music Education

Hannah Clark — Early Childhood Education & Elementary Education

Carol Cunningham — Elementary Education

Benjamin Fishbeck — Mathematics Education

Jacob (Bart) Fray — Physical Education

John Paul Gagnon — Social Studies Education

Olivia Gronos — Elementary Education & Special Education

Bailey Harms — Physical Education

Rachel Henke — Elementary Education

Matthew Hrbacek — Mathematics Education

Megan Jangula — Early Childhood Education & Elementary Education

Kailee Klein — Music Education

Cayli Kolden — Elementary Education

Josephine Langwald — Mathematics Education

Ruth McCulloch — Elementary Education

Christian Medick — Physical Education

Andrea Mettler — Elementary Education & Special Education

Gabrielle Nett-Stillwell — Music Education

Brooke Pfaff — Elementary Education

Matilda Pugh — Social Studies Education

Courtney Smith — Elementary Education

Marshall Tschida — Social Studies Education

Rachel Vitek — English Education

Alexis Wanner — Mathematics Education

Emily Wilke — Elementary Education

Maria Wirtz — Early Childhood Education & Elementary Education

Graduate Education Students

Clancy Carufel — CIA-Bio

Dustin Salmon — CIA-Bus

Undergraduate Education Students

Graduate Education Students

Undergraduate Education Students

Graduate Education Students

Undergraduate Education Students

Graduate Education Students

Undergraduate Education Students