Overview of Subiaco apartments

With names that draw inspiration from our treasured Benedictine Tradition and that strike a special chord with our students who have experienced our semester in Rome, the “new apartments” – now collectively named The Cloisters, – began housing students during 2013/2014 school year. 

Subiaco, the easternmost building, takes its name from the Italian valley and town in which St. Benedict first retreated as a hermit before emerging to found 12 monasteries. Not only did The Rule of St. Benedict greatly influence the spread of monasticism, it has intimately contributed to the formation of the mission and identity of the University of Mary.

Subiaco offers fine apartment living for juniors, seniors, and graduate students.   It has 11 two-bedroom units and one one-bedroom unit.  In addition, students will enjoy gathering in the newly renovated Chesterton’s adjacent to The Cloisters.


Eligibility Requirements Upperclasswomen
Room Layout Traditional
Bathrooms Two full bath
Resident Population 46
Occupancy Options Single, Double
Air Conditioning Yes
Cable TV No
Wired Internet Yes
Wi-Fi (Wireless Internet) Yes
Laundry Washer & Dryer in each apartment
Elevator No
Bed Options Twin Size

Break Period

Open during Christmas Break
Each occupant will have: Each apartment will have
Bed Dining Table & Chairs
Dresser Full Kitchen
Desk Kitchen Appliances
Desk Chair Carpeting
Room key    
Room Type Cost
Single $3,755.00
Double $1,875.00

Our apartments include shared spaces of a living room, full kitchen, and two full bathrooms along with two double occupancy bedrooms. Residents are responsible for all regular cleaning of all apartment spaces throughout their housing contract.

Eligibility Requirements

1. Completion of a minimum of 60 credits
2. Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0
3. Maintain a student conduct level at or below a Level 3

Information Technology on the University of Mary Campus

The University of Mary does not require students to purchase their own computers at this time. The university does provide access to computers through the residence hall computer labs as well as the Welder Library lab, Harold J Miller lab, and Chesterton's computer and printer station. For some students, it may be more convenient to have their own computer. If you do decide to bring your own computer, the University of Mary does provide a network connection for every student in the residence halls. Laptop users can take advantage of the University of Mary’s 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless networks located in all residence halls and common areas.  If you have a desktop computer without wireless network capabilities in your room and wish to connect it to the Internet, you will need to purchase approximately ten (10) feet of CAT5 or CAT6 network cable.

Requirements for Student-Owned Computers Connecting to the University of Mary Network

Due to problems created by personal routers and access points they are prohibited on campus. These devices have the potential to cause conflicts with the university’s wireless equipment and affect the quality of the students networking experience at the university.

Recommended PC Requirements:
64-bit Operating System
 • Windows 7 or newer
 • MAC OS 10.8 or newer
>4 GB of system memory
>250 GB hard drive
Updated Antivirus
Minimum PC Requirements:
64-bit Operating System
 • Windows 7 or newer
 • MAC OS 10.9 or newer
4 GB of system memory
250 GB hard drive
Updated Antivirus
Recommended Web Browsers:
Internet Explorer 11
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Free Antivirus Options:
Microsoft Security Essentials - Windows
AVAST - Windows
Sophos Antivirus - MAC
Optional Recommended Items:
USB memory stick
Microsoft Office Suite 2007 or newer
Recommended Updates:
Make sure your OS (Windows or MAC) is fully updated and running the latest version


Mail and packages should be sent directly to your assigned campus box. You'll receive your campus box number when you receive your room assignment. Your address will take the form shown below:

Your Name
Box ####
7500 University Drive
Bismarck ND 58504

#### = assigned box number

Room Key

Upon your arrival to campus, you will be issued a room key. Though our campus is very safe, the university recommends that each student lock his or her room door when you are not present in the room. If you get locked out of your room, you can contact your Resident Assistant or the Residence Director on duty to gain access to your room

Losing your room key is a serious concern. You are jeopardizing the safety of your roommate, your belongings, and other building residents. We encourage all students to exercise ultimate caution with keys. If you do lose your room key, it is extremely important that you report it immediately to Student Development so we can request a new key for you. There will be a charge for the keys, as we will need to re-core your door for security reasons.

The residents of The Cloisters are provided some supervision and guidance from the Residence Director. The Residence Director is professionally educated and trained to meet the specific needs of the upper-class apartment residents. In addition to offering problem-solving and guidance for students having any problems, the Residence Director also guides and supervises a staff of Resident Assistants.

Resident Assistants are current students who are selected to be mentors and resources in the halls. They serve as "the first line of defense" in some ways. They will be the first to respond to concerns in the hall, serve as mentors to the residents, plan events and programs, and help students adjust to college life and classes.

Residence Director of Subiaco

Anne Yantes
[email protected]