Degree type(s): Bachelor's; Minor
Degree field(s): Theology; Catholic Studies; Humanities
Location(s): Bismarck, ND
Program offerings by location and modality are subject to change.

Theology Bachelor's Degree Program

Four-year degree: Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Theology seeks Truth by engaging in the prayerful, disciplined study of Christian claims about God, nature, and humanity on the basis of divine revelation given in Scripture and Tradition, the effects of those claims in history and culture, and their relevance for faith, life, and society today.

The program in Theology at the University of Mary develops deep theological literacy in students and will provide you with the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for further study and for service to the Church and world.

Because Theology is a comprehensive program that cultivates broad knowledge and rhetorical skills, a bachelor’s degree in Theology provides excellent preparation for every profession, for service in the Church, for citizenship, and for life. A Theology major prepares one for careers in parish and diocesan ministries such as religious education, liturgy, youth work, and schools, as well as businesses, government, social services, and volunteer programs. Your bachelor’s degree in Theology also prepares you for further academic and professional study.

Who studies Theology?

Because Theology is a comprehensive program that cultivates broad knowledge and keen rhetorical skills, a bachelor’s degree in Theology provides excellent preparation for every profession, for service in the Church, for citizenship, and for life. Students majoring in Theology include:

  • Those desiring to study the great questions of religion;
  • Those pursuing professions for which liberal arts degrees are invaluable, such as law and medicine;
  • Those desiring theological formation for the sake of their own Christian discipleship;
  • Those desiring to do lay work in churches, parishes, dioceses, or various ministries;
  • Those who wish to teach theology or religion in Catholic schools;
  • Those pursuing a vocation to the priesthood or religious life;
  • Those pursuing graduate study in Theology. 

What makes the study of Theology at the University of Mary distinctive?

As a Benedictine institution, the University of Mary emphasizes not only information but also personal formation, servant leadership, and professional preparation. Studying Theology in a Benedictine key means deep engagement with liturgy and culture as well as doctrine. Your studies in Theology will therefore form you not only intellectually but also spiritually, liturgically, and practically. As you learn the content of the Christian faith you will be transformed by your encounter with God in the classroom and chapel and be prepared for a lifetime of devotion and service as your prayerful study of God transforms you, cultivating the virtues of faith, hope, and love of God and neighbor.

Theology Degree Program Highlights

Rooted in the University of Mary’s Christian, Catholic, and Benedictine mission and identity, the Theology bachelor of arts program at the University of Mary is grounded in the religious and intellectual traditions of the Roman Catholic Church and Benedictine monasticism. Therefore, in accord with our mission and identity:

  • We study theology in faithful adherence to the Church’s Magisterium.
  • We study theology in a prayerful spirit of joy, ever seeking to cultivate the theological virtues of faith, hope, and love.
  • We study and practice theology in grateful accord with the Benedictine principles of community, hospitality, moderation, prayer, respect for persons, and service.
  • We study and practice theology with profound ecumenical respect for Judaism, Protestantism, Evangelicalism, Orthodoxy, and other religious traditions.

As a Theology major, you will engage in deep study of Scripture and Tradition, reading classic works in theology from the ages as well as Greco-Roman and Jewish literature and works in intellectual and cultural history important for understanding the Christian tradition.

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