Student Accessibility Dining Accommodations

The University of Mary contracts with University of Mary Dining Services to provide on-campus dining services for students. The Allergies Avast! station within the University Dining Center offers special dietary options available to all students.  This station features items made without the top nine allergens (peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, fish, shellfish, milk, wheat, sesame, and soy) as well as gluten.

Students who follow a special diet are invited to discuss their needs with our Resident Dietitian at 701-355-3787. The Resident Dietitian and the student will meet to develop a plan for the student’s dining needs.

Requests for dining accommodations are granted when the student has submitted sufficient documentation demonstrating the student has a disability and the requested accommodation is medically necessary based on the current functional limitations of the disability. Exceptions to the requirement to purchase a meal plan on the basis of a disability are granted only if the student’s needs cannot be accommodated in the University of Mary dining facilities. If the student’s needs cannot be met, the student must register with Student Accessibility Services. To register with Student Accessibility Services, an application and proof of medical necessity are required.

Applications for dining accommodations should be made as soon as the student has decided to attend the University of Mary; a 30-day notice is preferred.

More information regarding meal plans can be found in the Student Handbook or in the current meal plan brochure.

Have Questions?

Contact Accessibility Services at 701-355-8270 or email.