What You’ll Need for Freshman Admission 

We look forward to welcoming you as you start your university career at Mary. Here are the steps you need to take as an incoming freshman to be admitted.

How To Apply 

To be considered for admission as a freshman:

  1. Apply online.
  2. Pay the application fee (non-refundable).
  3. Submit your academic transcript(s) from high school(s)*, or GED transcript (if applicable), and any college(s) concurrently attended during high school to the Office of Admissions address below.
    • University of Mary Admissions
      7500 University Drive
      Bismarck, ND 58504
  4. Send an official score report from the American College Test (ACT), Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), or Classic Learning Test (CLT) examination to the Office of Admissions at enroll@umary.edu (optional).
    • For the ACT: Send your ACT test scores to the University of Mary: Code 3201. Scores can be sent from www.act.org.
    • For the SAT: Send your SAT test scores to the University of Mary: Code 6428. Scores can be sent from collegeboard.org.

*If you graduated from a non-accredited high school or home school program, you may be required to submit additional information and/or other documentation about your educational program.

More About Your Transcript

Your high school must submit an official copy of your transcript to Mary at enroll@umary.edu. Please note that we require high school transcripts at two points in the admission/enrollment process.

  1. An “in progress” transcript is required before an admission decision can be made. The transcript must include all courses taken and the grades you’ve earned during your freshman, sophomore, and junior year.
  2. A final, official transcript is required after you have graduated from high school. This transcript will include the following:
    • The names and grades for all courses completed during your high school education, along with the number of credits.
    • The date of your graduation, which must be after the date of the completion of all courses.
    • The signature of the registrar or designated official at your high school.

While the University of Mary will extend an offer of admission to students based on an “in-progress” transcript, we reserve the right to revoke that offer if no official transcript is submitted or if a discrepancy exists between the “in-progress” transcript and the official transcript submitted following graduation.

We strongly encourage you to follow a college-preparatory curriculum, which includes the following units of credit per area listed below: 

  • English – four
  • Social Studies– three
  • Mathematics – two to four
  • Science – two to four

Advanced Placement

High school students who take the College Entrance Examination Board Advanced Placement (AP) Examination may, upon enrollment, be granted advanced placement and college credit in appropriate subjects. Reports on examinations must be sent to the Registrar directly from the College Entrance Examination Board. 

Please see the Academic Life section of our online course catalog for additional information and minimum scores accepted for credit on these tests.

ACT and SAT Scores

Our admissions process outlines the minimum scores required for automatic acceptance. Students who don’t meet this criteria will have their files reviewed by the Academic Standards and Admissions Committee. The committee may request additional documentation or information from the applicant, as needed. 

Students who were unable to take the ACT/SAT/CLT due to test cancellations are not required to provide a score report as a condition of admission.

We're Just a Phone Call or Email Away

Call the University of Mary Admissions Office at 701-355-8030 or 800-288-6279 (MARY).