The University of Mary Writing Center is open to all students who may need/want help with specific writing assignments. The Center is staffed, on a rotating basis, by well-trained upper-division English majors who participate in a Writing Center Practicum (for course credit) during a fall/spring semester and who are ready to work with students on all writing projects. The Writing Center does not, in any sense, offer a drop-off editorial service; Writing Center Practicum participants will not write or re-write papers for anyone. Instead, the Writing Center is a place to work, with additional support, on writing projects. Staff members will work with writers wherever they are in developing a written assignment.

Students should bring copies of assignments, rough drafts, laptops, pens/pencils—whatever they may need—to conferences in the Writing Center and be prepared to work.

Writing Center staffers will write brief anecdotal reports on every visit to the Writing Center, and the Director will send these reports to the professors who have made the assignments on which their students have sought help.

The Writing Center is located in a large conference room on the Main level of Welder Library. Students should look for signs on the conference room door and window. Online or distance students can access the Writing Center by sending an e-mail to [email protected]; they will be asked to attach information about an assignment and the rough draft on which they're seeking feedback.