Need Academic Assistance?  We Have Resources to Help You Succeed!

The Student Success Center offers walk-in peer tutoring, online tutoring, and small group tutoring at no cost to students at the University of Mary.

Walk-in Peer Tutoring

Walk-in peer tutoring is available to help students who are having difficulty in a particular course. Our peer tutors are University of Mary students who have performed well in specific courses, and have been trained in tutoring policies and techniques.

Online Tutoring - Smarthinking

Online tutoring is available through Smarthinking. Students are able to access Smarthinking 24/7 and receive round-the-clock instruction for subjects such as Math, Science, Computer/Technology, Business, and Spanish. Nursing also offers weekly personalized live tutoring sessions.

Small Group Tutoring

Small group tutoring is available by applying for a group tutor for a difficult course. When 3-5 students apply for a tutor in the same course with the same instructor, a peer tutor will be matched with them.