The spirit of athletics is absolutely vital to the continuing growth of the University of Mary and its Vision 2030 Strategic Plan.

To steer our athletic programs into an ever-increasing national force, the University of Mary Trustees and Regents are tremendously proud to announce the launch of the university’s new Marauders Armada.


Due to a change to scholarship rules by the NCAA, the University of Mary now has a unique opportunity to recruit even more top-caliber athletes. Scholarships in Division II are now ‘stackable,’ that is, academic and athletic scholarships can be awarded to the same athlete.

This means we can dominate on the national scene by supplying each sport with the full allotment of scholarships allowed by the NCAA.

With the reallocation of athletic department expenses, every cent the Armada raises will go exclusively to athletic scholarships. Think of the difference this can make in our competitive efforts!

Every sport will be represented in a cabinet, which will navigate the Armada as it pursues opportunities for our athletes to achieve national success and compete at the highest level. Join the Armada and become a valued crew member of this exciting new venture, one that will take University of Mary athletics to brand-new territory!