Welcome to The Harold Schafer Emerging Leaders Academy

Each of our academic programs is intended to prepare you to be a leader in the service of truth and develop the skills to become an exemplary professional in your chosen field. But if you’re looking for more, if you want to get out into the real-world and interact with leaders in your chosen field, then the Emerging Leaders Academy is for you.

Here are just a few of the opportunities you will have as an Emerging Leader:

  • A professional mentorship program
  • Participation in structured leadership training
  • Experiential learning activities in your chosen field
  • Service learning opportunities

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For students majoring in:

Business Administration
Computer Information Systems
Financial Services & Banking
Information Technology
Sport and Leisure Management

"Over the past four years at the University of Mary I have been privileged to participate in the Leadership Academy. It has been an incredible experience being able to take part in numerous service projects, professional development seminars and community outreach programs. I would strongly encourage any student to apply for the Leadership Academy; it helps define your leadership skills and pushes you to be the best servant leader possible."

Hannah Haynes - Marketing and Business Finance, Class of 2015

Students pursuing one of the academic majors listed below are invited to apply for membership in the Emerging Leaders Academy.

Biology Education
Criminal Justice
Early Childhood Education
Elementary Education
English Education
History Education
Mathematics Education
Music Education
Music Performance
Music in Emphasis in Sacred Music
Social Studies Education
University Studies

"The ELA program has given me confidence in my weaknesses and strengths and provided places in the classroom and the professional world to develop them."

Cate Zebroski - Elementary Education and Catholic Studies major, Class of 2016


ELA Portfolios

Use this link to view the portfolios of current Emerging Leaders Academy students.

For students majoring in:

Communication Disorders
Exercise Science
Medical Laboratory Science
Radiologic Technology
Respiratory Therapy
Pre-Professional areas (Pre-Med, Pre-Dental, Pre-Chiropractic, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Optometry, Pre-Veterinary Science)

"The aspect of the Emerging Leaders Academy that I have benefited from the most is the mentorship program. Cheryl Kalberer is one of the greatest professors that I have had the pleasure of working with. She understands that as students, particularly those who are planning on going onto graduate programs, we need to network within the community to make ties that will help us in the future. As a junior, I was given the opportunity to work with Dr. Neumann, the UND Dean of the School of Health Sciences on the Bismarck campus. Not only did the pre-medicine majors get to meet several times with Dr. Neumann and discuss issues pertinent to the medical field, he also paired us up with 4th year medical students to meet with. They had us participate in mock medical school interviews and gave us constructive feedback and tips for the interview and application process. I know for a fact that if I had gone to a larger university, I would not have had this opportunity."

Erin Hamar - Respiratory Therapy, Class of 2015

Program in Review

  1. Enroll in ELA 110/120
  2. Meetings, seminars, and receptions with key community leaders
  3. Participation in service learning and servant leadership experiential learning activities
  4. Assignment of a sophomore ELA student mentor
  5. Attend President’s lecture series
  1. Enroll in ELA 210/220
  2. Participation in service learning and servant leadership experiential learning activities
  3. Participation in professional and leadership development train experiences
  4. Mentor a freshman ELA student
  1. Enroll in ELA 310/320
  2. Assignment of a faculty and professional mentor
  3. Development and implementation of advanced student initiated service learning and/or servant leadership experiential learning activities
  4. Participation in advanced professional and leadership development training experiences
  1. Enroll in ELA 410
  2. Student organized advanced educational and/or professional learning opportunity