The Lumen Vitae University Center (LVUC) is at the heart of campus and home to students. It is more than a study spot, it’s a home away from home with beautiful stone fireplaces and comfortable sitting areas. The LVUC offers students, faculty and visitors a place to relax and enjoy one another’s company. In line with the Benedictine value of hospitality, the LVUC provides a welcoming atmosphere to all!


The Lumen Vitae University Center officially opened Fall 2017. 

As part of the Vision 2030 Capital Campaign, the Lumen Vitae University Center serves as a community gathering space for students and faculty alike. Lumen Vitae, the Latin phrase meaning “Light of Life,” fittingly names this center that brings new life to the heart of the University of Mary campus. The campus restaurant--The Crow’s Nest--offers 24/7 dining with a variety of food options, as well as coffee around the clock. The Bookstore and Marauders Mart are conveniently located steps away from
The Crow’s Nest.

From a Dream to a Reality

A look back at the creation of the Lumen Vitae University Center