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An Unprecedented Partnership 

Mary College at ASU is an unprecedented partnership between the University of Mary and Arizona State University. Through this domestic exchange program, members of Mary College have the privilege and transformative experience of belonging to a community of learners committed to developing their minds and fostering their faith through the Catholic Intellectual Tradition.

Mary College members enrolled at ASU can access our Catholic studies courses, which fulfill ASU general studies requirements and are taught by University of Mary faculty. Members can even earn a major or minor in Catholic studies. Other benefits include access to a life-changing pilgrimage to Rome, a variety of semester retreats and community excursions, and extended hours at our extraordinary library and study center. Students from the University of Mary can participate as members and exchange students each semester and thereby have access to ASU courses and all the opportunities and resources of a research-one university.  

Allison Taylor, Student at Mary College at ASU

Mary College at ASU quickly became more than just a place where I take classes; it became another home for me. The courses I have taken, the pilgrimage to Rome, and the friendships I have formed at Mary College have enriched my time as an ASU student and changed my life. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Mary College at ASU Catholic studies program and for the education and formation I have received.

Allison Taylor ‘24

Mary College at ASU is housed in the beautiful and newly renovated Old St. Mary’s in Tempe, which is the oldest-standing Catholic structure in the Valley, built in 1903. As home to the location of both Mary College and the All Saints Catholic Newman Center (which provides spiritual and pastoral support to students at ASU), the corner of College and University provides solid formation for the whole of life.


  • Access up to 18 cumulative academic credits on the Mary College at ASU exchange (a value of over $11,000)
  • Eligibility for a life-changing pilgrimage to Rome
  • A special retreat for new members
  • Community excursions
  • After-hour privileges in the Study Library
  • Exclusive Hospitality Loft for members
  • New and returning members are eligible to apply for and receive the Mary College at ASU Desert Rose Scholarship

Complementary after completing 18 credits

  • All-expense paid trip to our Catholic Studies Summer Institute on the University of Mary main campus
  • Mary College at ASU Next Steps Graduate Scholarship (a value of over $1,700)

ASU Students

Our unparalleled partnership allows ASU students to fulfill their general studies requirements by entering into the great tradition of Catholic thought and culture. Students will develop their minds and foster their faith as they participate in classes and activities with University of Mary faculty and other Mary College members. ASU students will pay their regular tuition rate to ASU along with a modest recurring semester membership fee — giving them full access to the courses on the exchange, excursions, and amenities of Mary College at ASU.

High School Students

ASU consistently ranks as one of the best and most affordable universities in the nation, offering top-tier programs spread over 350 undergraduate majors. Now, through an unprecedented partnership with the University of Mary, students can continue their Catholic education as they pursue their degrees at ASU. From fulfilling their general studies requirements at ASU to majoring or minoring in Catholic studies, ASU students have the opportunity to take classes and engage in Catholic studies in the beautifully renovated Old St. Mary’s Church on the corner of College and University in Tempe.

University of Mary Students

Mary College at ASU is an ideal opportunity for students from the University of Mary’s main campus to build new friendships within a thriving Catholic community and enjoy all that ASU has to offer while enjoying beautiful Arizona — the Grand Canyon State — for a semester. While remaining closely connected to the life of the University of Mary through events and courses at Mary College, students will enjoy the academic opportunities offered by the nation’s largest research university. University of Mary students will continue to pay their regular tuition rate to the University of Mary but will pay room, board, and student fees to ASU for their semester in Tempe, in addition to the Mary College membership fee.

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Why would an ASU student take courses from Mary College?

Mary College offers ASU students a unique opportunity. While remaining students at a renowned and rapidly-growing research university, ASU students can further their education in Catholic thought and culture. An ASU student can fulfill their Humanities (HU), Cultural Diversity in the United States (C), Global Awareness (G), and Historical Awareness (H) general studies requirements through Catholic studies courses at Mary College.

Furthermore, although students register for Mary College courses through the University of Mary, Mary College courses count toward an ASU student’s credit total in terms of full-time status and financial aid.

What does it cost to take courses at Mary College?

ASU students do not pay additional tuition to take courses through Mary College. They continue to pay regular tuition to ASU in addition to a modest membership fee each semester to belong to Mary College, which offers unique academic and residential opportunities. The membership fee for 2021-22 is $925. Scholarships are available, including the Mary College at ASU Desert Rose Scholarship.

What does a membership at Mary College include?

In addition to access to University of Mary courses, Mary College members are eligible to go on a guided pilgrimage to Rome at the University of Mary’s Rome Campus, a retreat for new members, community excursions, and exclusive access to our members’ loft with extended hours in our beautiful study space for evenings and weekends.

Can an ASU student major or minor in Catholic studies?

Yes! ASU students can major or minor in Catholic studies in addition to fulfilling ASU Humanities (HU), Cultural Diversity in the United States (C), Global Awareness (G), and Historical Awareness (H) general studies requirements and various elective requirements. A student who majors in Catholic studies will be issued a joint degree upon completion of the Catholic studies major requirements (30 total credits) and his or her ASU degree. In addition to graduating with a bachelor’s degree from ASU, the student would receive a Bachelor of Arts in Catholic Studies from the University of Mary. For a minor, a student receives a credential on a University of Mary transcript upon completion of the Catholic studies minor requirements (18 credits total) and his or her ASU degree.

Visit our Catholic studies program page to learn more about the major and minor.

What does Mary College have to offer other than courses?

Mary College offers unique opportunities and amenities to members through our campus in Old St. Mary’s. See “What does a membership at Mary College include?” above.

We also invite members of the public to engage with the Catholic Intellectual Tradition at Mary College. Our study space is open to the public from 10 am to 5 pm weekdays throughout ASU’s academic year. In addition, each Tuesday at 6:30 pm throughout the academic year, Mary College hosts Convivium in Old St. Mary’s. We open our doors and invite the public to enjoy community over a meal and hear a talk from faculty and staff of the University of Mary and ASU, or engage in Disputatio — a medieval classroom experience.

Catholic studies is an exciting interdisciplinary program focused on formation for the whole of life. By examining the Catholic tradition’s contributions to human thought and culture, Catholic studies courses deepen students’ knowledge of the Catholic faith and themselves. In Catholic studies courses, students:

  • Integrate faith and reason within different disciplines and professions, joining faculty and students from a variety of programs to discover how all knowledge is united.
  • Explore the essential harmony of faith and reason and what that means for every student in relation to their major area of study and future profession.
  • Learn how to apply the Catholic faith to every facet of life and experience its transformative effects.

Catholic studies courses are not only academically stimulating, but also help to build a community of scholars who seek to incarnate the Catholic intellectual, moral, spiritual, and cultural tradition throughout the whole of life. The University of Mary is committed to a high level of faculty-student interaction both inside and outside the classroom, sponsoring and encouraging a full range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for students, faculty, and staff.

Learn more about our Catholic studies program.

Catholic Studies Master’s Degree Program

The University of Mary is pleased to offer the Master of Arts in Catholic Studies. This program prepares students for further graduate study in pursuit of doctorate degrees in fields such as philosophy, theology, history, literature, and the arts. It is also beneficial for students seeking to work in a parish, educational institution, or other non-profit organization where the study of Catholic education and knowledge of Catholic thought and culture are assets.

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