What's Inside The Lumen Vitae University Center

the perfect study areas

The Tom and Frances Leach Foundation

Tom and Francis Leach FoundationThe Tom and Frances Leach Foundation Living Room can be found on the upper level of the LVUC across from Susanne’s coffee shop. The Leach Living Room features a glass wall of windows, welcoming in natural light and creating a picturesque, panoramic view of the the beautiful Missouri river. The large stone fireplace is warm and welcoming. The many tables and cushioned seating provide students with a prime study spot. With such a friendly environment and an endless supply of coffee mere steps away, it’s not a surprise that the Leach Foundation Living Room is such a popular place!

The Starion Bank Living Room

The Starion Bank Living RoomThe Starion Bank Living Room is located on the lower level of the LVUC.  This is another favorite study spot for students. There are four booths, each with electrical and USB outlets with a TV screen to connect your laptop to, as well as tables and cushioned seating. The stage in the corner of the living room makes it a popular space for various events, consistently hosting weekly Grounds for Belief speakers and open mic nights. There are also two custom-made foosball tables, perfect for a study break! However, the true gem of this space is the grand piano. Elegant piano music travels throughout the LVUC as the instrument plays itself. However, this grand piano is also open for community use, so it is likely you will hear an impromptu live performance every once in awhile!

Susanne's Coffee Shop

Susanne's Coffee ShopThis bustling coffee shop is open 7am-9pm and is located in the Crow’s Nest, with its Grab-and-Go service outside the restaurant for those without a meal plan. Susanne’s serves Caribou coffee--hot, iced and blended--as well as a variety of teas. For those ordering from inside the Crow’s Nest, Susanne’s is free of charge. Along with traditional form of payment, the Grab-and-Go service also accepts Marauders Bucks!

The Commuter's Lounge

The Commuter's Lounge is located beside the Starion Living Room under the staircase on the lower level of the LVUC. This space was created specifically with commuter students in mind. It is equipped with a microwave, refrigerator and freezer, computer, printer and storage cubbies. Commuters now have a place of their own in the the center of campus to make themselves feel at home, meet other students and participate in the lively campus atmosphere.