Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Request a Roommate?

If you already know who you want your roommate to be, make sure you both request each other on your individual housing forms. We try our best to place you in your requested, most-preferred room, but apply early to increase your chances.

What Do I Need to Bring?

We have a whole list of things that we recommend and don’t recommend students bring with them to campus on our What to Bring to Campus page.

How are Roommates Assigned?

If you do not have a selected roommate, we base your placement on the information you submit on your Roommate Finder form. Please fill this out honestly and as thoroughly as possible, as this will be the only information we have to decide roommate placement. You will receive your residence life assignment either when you attend a SOAR session or during the summer.

What is The Best Hall to Live In?

Quite honestly, each hall offers a different feel, but each is a welcoming community. Most incoming students love the hall they live in not because of the layout, amenities, or facilities, but rather the friendships and connections made. Arrive at school with a willingness to be part of a community and you will flourish in any building!

Are Students Required to Live on Campus?

Traditional undergraduates under 21 are required to live on campus for a minimum of five semesters. On-Campus Residency Requirement

How Do I Get My Mail?

Mail and packages should be sent directly to your assigned campus box. You'll receive your campus box number when you receive your room assignment and the mail key during Welcome Week when you get your room key.

Where Can I Park on Campus?

Each student with a car on campus will have assigned parking areas depending on where they are living. Students also receive a parking pass sticker with a designated color that matches up with the lots that they are able to park in. Parking passes are distributed by our Campus Safety and Security.

What if I Need Residence Hall Accommodations?

We want to ensure that all our students are able to enjoy a full campus life experience and develop a sense of community among other students. Our residence life staff recognize that disabling conditions may create a need for accommodations within our housing facilities and try to provide adjustments as needed. For more information, visit our Residence Hall Accommodations page.

Resident Life: What You Need to Know

  • Single rooms are available, but these are primarily offered to returning students and those needing special housing accommodations. They are less available to first-year students. Having a roommate can be the best support you receive in college!
  • Traditional residence halls close during Christmas break, but you can arrange break housing with the office if you need accommodation over that time period. All halls remain open during other breaks throughout the school year, but meal services might be limited.

Have Questions?

We’re here to help. Call Student Development at 701-355-8217 or email us.