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Loan and Financial Aid Refunds

Refunds of loan proceeds or other aid for a given semester cannot be issued until the funds are received and posted to the student's account, and classes have begun for that semester.

  • A refund will typically be mailed out within 14 days of receipt of funds. Due to the volume of refund checks, we do not allow students to pick up their checks in person.
  • Refunds and adjustments to accounts are determined by the official written notification to the Office of the Registrar and are calculated from the day classes start to the official date of change.

Appeal a Charge

To appeal a charge on your student account, log in to (Forms → Student Forms) and fill out the Request to Review/Appeal Charge Form.

You may request a charge appeal for several reasons, including:

  • a perceived violation of university policy
  • an advising error
  • a late fee/finance charge that should not have been charged
  • any other charge violation you believe should be addressed.

The university has published policies on tuition fees and refunds. Charge appeal requests that simply disagree with the policy are not granted.

If you are requesting an exception to the policy:

  • Visit the Financial Aid Office to learn about any implications a charge appeal may have to your financial aid eligibility.
  • Attach supporting documentation, along with a copy of the policy section under appeal, to the Request to Review/Appeal Charge Form. For example, if an advising error was made, include a signed statement from your advisor confirming that such an error was made.

The director of student financial services and the vice president of financial affairs will determine if proper university policies have been followed, make warranted adjustments based on their review, and email you their decision.

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