Keep Your Costs Low a With Part-Time Job

If you’d like to make your Mary tuition even more affordable, consider Federal Work-Study. It’s a federal student aid program that offers part-time, on- or off-campus employment to financial aid applicants who meet specific eligibility criteria.

You can earn money and gain valuable work experience as you pursue your degree.

Learn More About the Federal Work-Study Program

How to Qualify for Work-Study

You must:

  • Be a citizen, immigrant, refugee, or permanent resident alien of the United States.
  • Not be in default on any federal Title IV loan program or owe a repayment of a federal grant or scholarship.
  • Be enrolled as a Mary undergraduate or graduate student.
  • File a FAFSA application.
  • Demonstrate financial need as a result of your annual FAFSA application, receive a work-study offer, and accept the offer.
  • Submit applicable employment documents.
  • Maintain good standing and satisfactory academic progress while you’re employed.

How To Apply for Federal Work-Study

  1. Complete the FAFSA and indicate on the application that you are interested in work-study.
  2. Apply for a position after you have been offered and accepted Federal Work-Study.
  3. Apply for campus positions through Handshake.

Other Campus Job Opportunities

If you are interested in campus employment programs and have not been offered Federal Work-Study, please contact the Financial Aid Office or Career Services.

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