Our Mission: Servant Leadership at University of Mary

The University of Mary provides an environment in which each student participates in those experiences essential to becoming a leader. The development of essential leadership qualities in each student empowers that person to work courageously and effectively for the common good. Our chosen model of leadership is servant leadership:

"Servant Leadership at the University of Mary is a pattern of living marked by competence in one’s chosen profession, courage in making ethical decisions based on Benedictine values, and compassion in serving the needs of others. In a context of relationship to God, to one another, and to self, we believe that leadership is making a difference for good. Rooted in the Gospel and in the founding vision of the Benedictine Sisters to serve spiritual, intellectual, and cultural needs of others, the model for servant leadership is Jesus Himself. At the University of Mary students grow into leadership through service. Learners become leaders in the service of truth."

Sister Thomas Welder, president emerita


Aware of its close historical ties with the people of our region, the University of Mary seeks to enhance the quality of life in the Bismarck-Mandan community and in all the communities we serve. The University also encourages each person to participate in the leadership of his or her religious, social, educational, and political communities. Furthermore, it promotes a setting of freedom and initiative in which each person may develop those characteristics critical to leadership formation and the search for truth and happiness.

All students are encouraged to seek the truth, to see themselves as whole and unique individuals responsible to God, and to become leaders in the service of truth.