University of Mary: Benedictine Sisters of Annunciation Monastery

The founders and sponsors of the University of Mary are the Benedictine Sisters of the Annunciation. The Sisters enhance our understanding of mission in many valuable ways through their Ministry of Sponsorship.

The prayerful presence of the Sisters on our campus strengthens us and inspires the Benedictine values by which we live. Several Sisters serve on the faculty and staff of the university, and Annunciation Monastery is a short walk from the campus buildings. The Prioress of the monastic community and a number of the Sisters serve on our Board of Trustees, participating in the governance of the university. And in a true spirit of hospitality, the Sisters open their doors to the university community, welcoming students for regularly scheduled events and special occasions throughout the year.

Learn More About Our Heritage and Our Sisters

In 1878, the Benedictine Sisters arrived in Dakota Territory to bring ministries of healing and learning, founding hospitals and schools for the people they had come to serve. Learn more about our heritage and history.

To learn more about our Sisters or to arrange for a visit to Annunciation Monastery, visit their website at

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