St. John Paul II called for a New Evangelization, “new in its ardor, methods, and expression.” The University of Mary is answering the call for a New Evangelization by partnering with Arizona State University to serve their Catholic students. The University of Mary has worked with Arizona State to form an unprecedented new program: Mary College at ASU, a domestic exchange program in which University of Mary students will have the opportunity to take classes at ASU, one of the top ranked public universities in the country, while also taking Catholic Studies classes taught by University of Mary faculty at Mary College, its satellite campus in Tempe adjacent to ASU’s main campus. In exchange, ASU students will have the opportunity to explore their Catholic faith by enrolling in the Catholic Studies courses taught at Mary College and participating in the activities and events sponsored by the program.

This unprecedented and revolutionary partnership between the University of Mary and ASU is designed as a domestic exchange. Students will pay their normal tuition and fees to their respective Home Institution, and will take classes at the respective Host Institution for credit that will be transferred to their transcripts at their Home Institution, with no additional tuition cost to students to experience these transformational courses.

I chose the University of Mary first and foremost because of a huge desire in my heart to study theology. Not only was Mary able to provide an authentic Catholic education, but a solid Catholic community. It is easy to get lost in the midst of a huge, secular campus like Arizona State, but with the University of Mary, I felt like I was at home. I will forever be thankful for ASU and University of Mary's partnership and the impact it had on my academic and spiritual life.”

Halie York headshot.
Haley York, Class of 2018 


The home of Mary College at ASU is the beautiful St. Mary’s Church on the corner of University Dr. and College Ave. This historic church, built in 1903, has served the spiritual and educational needs of the community of ASU since its founding at the turn of the century. This is a place where students can form their mind and heart alongside the pastoral support of the Newman Center encouraging an integrated life, one where faith informs all aspects of being a young person today.


This unparalleled partnership allows students at Arizona State University to be part of a tremendous Catholic atmosphere in the middle of a large research university. Students will grow and foster their faith as they participate in activities and classes with University of Mary faculty and students. ASU students continue to pay their tuition rate at ASU, in addition to the $250 membership charge to attend Mary College at ASU. 


University of Mary Students

The partnership between the University of Mary and ASU is an ideal opportunity for students from University of Mary’s main campus who have a missionary heart. While studying at a large research university, students will connect with peers and share their joyful Catholic faith. Students are encouraged to take the community they found in Bismarck and create this same sense of community at a large university, so ASU students feel the connections. During their studies at ASU, University of Mary students pay the same tuition rate as they would pay if they were studying on the main University of Mary campus in Bismarck, in addition to the $250 membership charge to attend Mary College at ASU. University of Mary students will also be billed by ASU for room and board.


High School Students

Arizona State University consistently ranks as one of the best and most affordable universities in the nation, offering top-tier programs spread over 350 undergraduate majors. Now, through this unprecedented partnership with the University of Mary, students can continue their Catholic education as they pursue their degrees at ASU. From fulfilling elective requirements to majoring or minoring, ASU students have the opportunity to take classes and engage in Catholic Studies in the beautifully renovated Old St. Mary’s Church on the corner of University and College in Tempe.


What does it cost to take courses at Mary College?

Full-time ASU students can take courses at Mary College for no extra tuition—ASU students continue to pay normal tuition and fees to ASU.  Students enrolled at Mary College pay a one-time $250 membership fee. 


What does a Mary College membership include?

In addition to taking courses, Mary College members are given exclusive access to campus resources such as printing and a computer lab, a semesterly immersion retreat, and additional excursions throughout the year.


Why would an ASU student take courses from Mary College?

Mary College offers ASU students a unique opportunity—while remaining students at a renowned and rapidly-growing public university, ASU students can also pursue a Catholic education from a faithfully Catholic university. Students, Catholic and otherwise, can experience interdisciplinary study of one of the great traditions of Western thought.


Do Mary College courses count for ASU credit?

Mary College courses are transfer-ready, meaning a student can see exactly which elective requirements a course will fulfill at ASU before registering. All Mary College courses fulfill ASU elective requirements. Furthermore, Mary College courses count towards a student’s ASU credit total in terms of full-time status and financial aid; for example, a student taking 9 credits at ASU and 6 credits at Mary College would be considered to have 15 credits for enrollment and financial aid purposes at ASU.


Can an ASU student earn a major or minor from Mary College?

ASU students can major or minor in Catholic Studies at Mary College alongside their ASU degree. A student completing a major in Catholic Studies would earn a degree conferred by the University of Mary. A student completing the minor in Catholic Studies would have it noted on the student’s UMary transcript as a credential.


What does Mary College have to offer other than courses?

In addition to offering courses, a semesterly immersion retreat, excursions for members, and a study hall and library in our beautifully renovated Old St. Mary’s Church, Mary College hosts Parlor and Convivium each week. Parlor consists of a mid-week social hour. Convivium offers the opportunity to engage with the Mary College community over dinner, discussion, and a brief talk, interview, or disputatio (a medieval classroom experience).

Catholic Studies is an exciting interdisciplinary program relevant to the whole of a student’s life. It examines the Catholic tradition’s contributions to human thought and culture. Catholic Studies courses deepen students’ knowledge of the Catholic faith and themselves. In Catholic Studies courses, students:

  • Integrate faith and reason within different disciplines and professions, joining faculty and students from a variety of programs to discover how divine faith and human reason are two complementary, not competitive, orders of human knowledge.
  • Learn how to articulate the essential harmony of faith and reason and its application in your primary major and future profession.
  • Learn to apply the Catholic faith to every facet of your life, and experience how this faith can transform every aspect of ordinary life.

Catholic Studies courses are not only academically stimulating, but they are much more. Catholic Studies builds a community of scholars who seek to incarnate the Catholic intellectual, moral, spiritual, and cultural tradition in the whole of their lives. University of Mary is committed to a high level of faculty-student interaction both inside and outside the classroom, sponsoring and encouraging a full range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for students, staff, and faculty.