Student Government Office

Student Involvement CenterAt the University of Mary, student leadership is not just an idea--it is a reality. With the Student Government Office now located in the Student Involvement Center, there is greater accessibility for students to communicate their thoughts and ideas to senators, who can bring forth these concerns to University administration on behalf of the students.

Student Government is a collaborative group of 27 students dedicated to representing the interests and needs of the student body and working towards the good of the university as a whole.

About Student Government

  • FOSTER a community of servant leaders.
  • ADVOCATE for the needs and concerns of the student body.
  • EMPOWER students to bring forth positive change for the betterment of the UMary community.

“Time trieth truth.”

                           - Saint Thomas More

Thomas MoreSaint Thomas More is the patron saint of politicians and the University of Mary Student Government. He inspires Student Government to strive for truth and to serve genuinely. He is a role model of a well-formed conscience and moral leadership. He reminds Student Government senators that leadership should be built on a foundation of morality and truth.

Student Government Prayer:

Written by Sergeant of Arms O’Donnell ‘18

Heavenly Father,
We gather before You today to serve the University of Mary as servant leaders. We ask that You might grant us wisdom to understand Your will for our community, as well as the strength and courage to fulfill every task. Grant us patience and understanding towards those that we serve, grant us diligence when our spirits grow weak, and grant us humility to guide all of our action so that we might glorify you in all that we do. 
Saint Thomas More, pray for us.

See the Student Government Brochure for more information!

Student Government meetings are open to the public. Email [email protected] for the meeting schedule.
To get involved, we encourage students to come visit senators during their office hours between 8 am and 4 pm, Monday - Friday, as well as to come sit in on our meetings that are every other Sunday at 9:15 pm in the Student Involvement Conference room.
In order to be on Student Government, elections take place once a year in the Spring. Senators sometimes have to withdraw from Student Government and we open up applications throughout the year, where it is then an interview process.  



Each senator sets aside one hour a week to spend in the Student Government Office, so stop by to say hi and get to know your senators!

 Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 8-9 AM          
 9-10 AM Nick Waddell Sarah Zander      
 10-11 AM Mason Merck Jacob O'Meara Katherine Loes Triston Kosek  
 11-12 PM Mary Williamson Molly Helget John Lang Taylor Lassiter  
 12-1 PM Molly Helget   Kieran McInnis Maura Stevenson  
 1-2 PM AnnMarie Vetter Molly Buchholz     August Taylor
 2-3 PM Monique Ritter Samuel Garvey Benjamin Helget Megan Helget  Chris Riedman
 3-4 PM Steven Hillerud Phillip Jacobs      
 4:30 -5:30 PM     Katherine Loes     


Meet the 2019-2020 Student Government Senators! 

Get familiar with the faces of your Student Government! Each class and school has two representatives.

2019-2020 Student Government Group