Being prepared to meet with your advisor will set you up for success and allow you to make the most out of your time with them. Follow our tips below to prepare for your appointment!

Be on time

Showing up to your meeting on time allows you to get the most out of the time your advisor has set aside to meet with you. If you are unable to make an appointment you have scheduled, contact your advisor in advance to let them know. 

Be open

Advisors want to hear how things are going - what's working and what's not. From this insight, they can begin to help you make important changes that could make your life at school better.

Stay connected

Even in today's busy world advisors want to meet with you about things other than requirements, registrations, and deadlines. They enjoy when you schedule follow-up appointments and talk about things pertaining to your growth as a student and your progress toward a career.

Be attentive during meetings

Turn off your cell phone or put it on vibrate when you're in a meeting. (This goes double for the classroom!) Stay engaged in the learning process.

Contact your advisor with a professional email

When contacting your advisor or professor by email please do the following:

  • Use your University of Mary email or Canvas email so your advisor knows who is contacting them.
  • Create a subject line that relates to your question. Don’t reply to an old email with an unrelated subject.
  • Begin respectfully such as Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms/Professor [name]. If your professors ask you to be more informal, then it is fine to do so, but only if you are told that it is okay.
  • Be sure your message is clear, gives your full name, Student ID, and states which class you are writing to them about; for example, POL 101-03.
  • Read over your email before sending it to be sure what you have written is correct. If you want their help, be sure to give the information that will help them help you.

Have Questions?

We’re here to help. Call the Student Success Center at 701-355-8124, email us, or schedule a meeting.