Discover Your Calling

Exploratory studies is a short-term comprehensive program designed to meet the needs of first-year students seeking opportunities to explore their academic interests, strengths, abilities, and vocational calling before committing to a major. The exploratory studies program serves as a starting point allowing students to explore various disciplines offered at the University of Mary while progressing towards completing university liberal arts core requirements.

With a focus on academic advising, career assessment, guided exploration of majors and careers, and opportunities that allow for interaction with faculty and academic school leadership, the program leverages many resources available at the University of Mary helping students make an informed choice regarding their major, as well as future career and vocational pursuits.

The course is taught by a professional academic advisor from the University of Mary Student Success Center, thus intentionally integrating academic support with major counseling.

College is a time for self-discovery and exploration. Truly undecided students should take time to explore their academic interests, strengths, abilities, and vocational calling before committing to a major.

Why Exploratory Studies?

At the University of Mary, the exploratory studies program is designed to assist students through the exploration process within the first two semesters at Mary. The program includes seven key components that students will participate in:

  1. Selecting an area(s) of interest to begin exploring
  2. Creating an action plan using the results of the FOCUS 2 Career Interest Inventory, interest inventories, and self-awareness inventories
  3. Engaging in a section of our First-Year Experience course (FYE 122) designed specifically for our Exploratory Studies Program students
  4. Participating in one-on-one meetings with an academic advisor and Career Services Office
  5. Attending the Majors & Minors Fair
  6. Engaging with faculty and other campus educational leaders
  7. Taking part in other educational programming opportunities and workshops 

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle

Program Course (FYE 122)

The key to making a decision about what undergraduate major to pursue is awareness. The FYE 122 course for exploratory studies focuses on both self-awareness and external-awareness. Students will examine their interests, strengths, abilities, and more. Additionally, students will be made aware of the various majors available at the University of Mary, careers, and vocational calling. They will also be introduced to faculty and other educational campus leaders while they explore multiple areas of interest during this first semester on campus.

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