Read & Write Gold Program

University of Mary students, faculty, and staff can get a free copy of Read & Write Gold by downloading the program from

Read & Write Gold (RWG) is an award-winning literacy software tool that can help students improve reading, writing, research, and study skills. RWG also has a variety of tools built in to benefit English Language Learner users who may struggle with reading fluency, comprehension, and word pronunciation. RWG is a learning aid for bringing comprehensive literacy support through a unique set of features for the user.

Read & Write Gold Features

Read & Write Gold’s customizable, easy to use toolbar seamlessly integrates with familiar applications including Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, and Adobe Reader, Chrome, Google Docs, and Firefox, allowing students to access the support tools they need from within mainstream software programs and to work in a truly inclusive environment.

Among its many features, RWG allows pages from a book or magazine to be scanned and read aloud. RWG's Text-to-Speech feature will read text aloud, including websites, and PDF Aloud will read accessible PDF files. Inaccessible PDF files can be converted to Word documents that can be read using the Text-to-Speech function. Users can convert electronic text into a sound file using the Speech Maker tool. Users can also compose, revise, and edit writing assignments using the embedded feature's Talk &Type, Word Prediction, Verb Checker, Online Translator, Dictionary, Phonetic Spell Checker, Fact Finder, and more.