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Explore the power of visual messages to inform, educate, and persuade. Discover how the user experience informs effective design.

What You’ll Learn

You’ll study the technology, tools, and concepts of effective web design. You’ll examine photography as an art form and communication medium and use professional industry-standard software to create digital and print materials.

Enrich Your Work in Business and Communication

The web design minor complements many Mary programs, especially those in business administration and communication helping you develop a keen eye for design and a deep understanding of user experience principles. Additionally, you learn how to design and maintain a strong online presence.

Understand Computer Networking Essentials

You’ll learn the fundamental building blocks of modern computer networks, such as protocols, topologies, hardware, and operating systems. Ultimately equipping you to choose the optimal network design, hardware, and software for your specific environment.

Gain Real-world Experience in Your Field

Take advantage of Mary’s internship and job placement services to advance your career, allowing you to test out the skills you have learned in the classroom while learning new ones in the field.

Program Information

Please visit our catalog for admission requirements and a full list of our courses.

Careers & Outcomes

Employment Trends

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the employment of web designers and developers to grow by 16% through 2032, faster than the average for all occupations. Demand will be driven by the increased use of mobile devices and the transition of more businesses to e-commerce.

Career Paths

  • Web Designer
  • Marketer
  • Creative Director
  • Digital Communication Specialist
  • Educator
  • Entrepreneur

Featured Faculty

Marek Dojs

Director of Communication, Associate Professor of Communication, Fellow in Catholic Studies

I am a professor of communication with a passion for interdisciplinary work. As an award-winning filmmaker, I explore the world, history, and the human experience. I believe film is one of the most influential art forms of our times and can deeply connect with our humanity. As a professor, I not only teach students the craft of filmmaking but also nurture their appreciation for this profound art.
My personal journey and family history have also cultivated a commitment to Holocaust and Genocide studies. The stories of my survivor family members have given me a unique perspective on this history and the challenges of Human Dignity in today's world. As a PhD candidate, I delve into the transmission of testimony across generations and its impact on the storytellers' identities.
Since 2014, I've proudly been a part of the University of Mary faculty, teaching courses in communication, art, and Catholic studies. Beyond my professional life, I'm a lifelong supporter of Chelsea Football Club, a musician, and together with my wife Madeline, we celebrate over 20 years of marriage and the joy of parenting nine children.

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