Study abroad students in the Pantheon in Rome, Italy, taking notes while listening to lecture by a professor
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Discover the harmony of classical ideals in the contemporary world.

What You'll Learn

Our students learn to appreciate the enduring appeal of classical art forms, explore and analyze classical — poetic, philosophical, and rhetorical — texts, and develop intermediate knowledge of a classical language. Our graduates critically understand the classical world’s contribution to the development of Western intellectual and cultural traditions.

Understand the Roots of the Liberal Arts

Develop in the areas of language, communications, and fine arts by participating in the tradition of the trivium — the basis for a liberal arts education.

Strengthen Your Language Skills

Your study of a classical language will refine your mental precision, enhance your capacity for abstract thought, and improve your ability to communicate effectively.

Develop Your Aesthetic Sensibility

Immersing yourself in the foundational art forms of Western culture will inform your understanding of modern culture.

Engage in Community Activities

Join in university-wide extracurriculars like The Odyssey marathon reading to explore classical literature and foster community connections.

Program Information

Please visit our catalog for admission requirements and a full list of our courses.

Careers & Outcomes

Employment Trends

The classical studies minor can be paired with any University of Mary major to expand your knowledge base and broaden your appeal to employers in a wide range of fields. A classical education can prepare you to think strategically, build confidence, and nurture an appreciation for the arts and diversity. If you’re interested in a career in communication, business, policy, education, community service, social work, or many other fields — the classical studies minor can help you stand out in your job search and your life.

Career Paths

  • Educator
  • Entrepreneur
  • Attorney
  • Social Worker
  • Nonprofit Manager
  • Arts Director
  • Journalist 

Featured Faculty

Kathleen Kirsch, PhD

Assistant Professor of Classics and Catholic Studies, Director of the Summer Latin Institute

A Minnesota native and the oldest of five, my education and formation inspired in me a love of truth and a desire to learn. As an educator, I strive to pass on those gifts. In addition to my scholarship and teaching, I love to sing, hike, bake, discover new cuisines, and live up to my vocation to be the glory of God as a (wo)man fully alive (cf. St. Irenaeus). In my travels, I’ve visited or lived in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, England, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Poland, and Spain.

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