• Director of Economics Program
  • Assistant Professor of Economics
  • Fellow in Catholic Studies
School of Arts & Sciences

About Me

I am a Serbian-born economist and political philosopher. I study price theory, industrial organization, history of economic thought, and political theory. In love with America and the American political tradition, I am fascinated with the deep connection between individual liberty and order. My main interest is in how spontaneous bottom-up processes create social harmony while the top-down impositions yield chaos and disorder. I am a bicyclist, a decent amateur chess player, and a somewhat obscure poet writing in Serbo-Croatian (some minor awards).

Why I’m At Mary

Mary is a place of true Benedictine hospitality, and a place where I found my intellectual home. It's not just that I am free to pursue any intellectual interests and directions I wish, but also whatever talents and abilities I've got are synergized and amplified my multiple colleagues with whom I collaborate and from whom I profit tremendously.


Economic Theory, Austrian School, Public Choice, Liberalism, American Founding, Political Religions.


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PhD: Simon Fraser University, 2015