Work Campus: Get Paid to Acquire New Skills

The University of Mary Work Campus program offers part-time employment for their degree seeking students as an opportunity to earn funds to help meet the cost of education. The Work Campus program fosters leadership development, transferable life skills and personal development of student employees by providing employment opportunities in positions that are vital to the operation of the university.

Work Campus employment is available to students year-round while at the University of Mary. Students can chose from a wide array of positions across many campus departments. Below we have outlined the process students will follow in searching for on-campus employment.

  1. Create an account and profile in the Marauders Jobs system.
  2. Upload a professional resume into Marauders Jobs. Check out our Resume Guide for tips!
  3. Search for on-campus jobs listed in Marauders Jobs.
  4. Apply for all jobs that you are interested in.
  5. Participate in interviews.
  6. Complete any paperwork or trainings necessary to begin your position. (Such as acceptance letters, I-9 and W-2s, workshops, etc.)
  7. Develop a schedule with your supervisor.
  8. Begin working and go through any additional training your employer might offer.
  9. Conduct an employee evaluation with your employer.

Get started today in securing your Work Campus position by visiting our Marauders Jobs site!

For further assistance or to request a step by step student guide to Marauders Jobs contact Career Services at 701-355-8050 or [email protected].

Jobs posted in Marauders Jobs come from local, regional, and national level. With such diverse listing of job postings, the University of Mary Office of Career Services cannot confirm the authenticity of all job postings. These postings should not be considered as endorsements by the University of Mary of any position, organization, or individual. The University of Mary neither endorses nor discredits the reputation of employers who post opportunities through Marauders Jobs. The responsibility for research about companies and job opportunities listed is incumbent on the job application/student.