Be Prepared to Enter the Workforce

Career Services offers students a Career Success Certificate (CSC) program. The CSC program is designed to help prepare students to enter the workforce with the skills necessary for finding and landing a job or internship. Students who go through this program will have to complete various tasks designed to provide them with knowledge and experiences making them more job savvy.

Students will be asked to complete each of the following:

  1. Attend a resume writing workshop and have your resume critiqued.
  2. Prepare a cover letter.
  3. Register in Handshake and submit a resume.
  4. Participate in a Mock Interview.
  5. Create a LinkedIn account.
  6. Develop and present a unique "elevator pitch."
  7. Attend one networking event.
    • Students may choose from: Career Fair, employer information session, employer socials, job shadow, or informational interview.
  8. Conduct employer and salary research.

Students will self-monitor their progress utilizing a CSC checklist and then submit a form to Career Services upon completion. Those completing the program will be recognized at a year-end ceremony. In addition, graduates of the CSC program will receive a certificate and a small gift and be recognized on the Career Services website and social media.