Help Your Student Achieve Their Goals

As a parent, you play an integral role in the career development of your student. This is an exciting yet challenging time in your student’s life. As they face big decisions, you can support them by being a non-judgmental and active listener, keeping an open mind to their ideas, and assisting them in finding relevant career information.

Three Ways to Spark Your Student’s Career Development

1. Encourage Them to Take a Career Assessment

A career assessment (FOCUS 2) will help students learn more about themselves—particularly their interests, skills, personality, and values.

2. Challenge Them to Become Occupationally Literate

Suggest to your student that they research occupations they are interested in, conduct informational interviews, or complete a job shadow experience to help them determine if the job is a good fit. Talking with faculty or upper-level students in their areas of interest may also be helpful.

3. Emphasize the Importance of Internships and Extracurricular Activities

Internships are a great way to try different career fields before graduation; relevant experience is critical in a competitive job market. It's also vital for your student to become involved on campus, which is a great way to learn crucial interpersonal communication and leadership skills valued by employers.

Career Services is here to support your student’s career development — encourage them to visit us to learn about the resources available. Some of these resources are listed below.

Resources Your Student Should Take Advantage Of:

Have Internships or Full-Time Opportunities to Share

We also welcome hearing from parents about internships or full-time positions at your workplace. Please feel free to email us this information, and we will take steps to promote it to students and alumni.