• Assistant Professor of Nursing
Saint Gianna School of Health Sciences

About Me

The Benedictine values that resonate most deeply are hospitality and community. The two are intertwined, through a welcoming presence, attentiveness to needs, and regard for each other more highly than ourselves. Within a hospitable community, we are called to teach and correct each other, encourage each other, and bear each other’s burdens. Navigating a complex health care system requires a community to surround us with compassion and encouragement, lighten our loads, strengthen us, and give us the courage to keep moving forward. On a practical level, we must create a space for belonging, in the same way Jesus taught his disciples the love of God through community

Why I’m At Mary

Whether in a classroom of nursing students, on campus or greater Bismarck community, being a leader of the mission is modeled after Jesus as a teacher and healer. As a nurse educator, I am called to instruct on holistic care for the patient, including mind, body and spirit. In a fast paced, highly technological age of health care, what matters most is not the tasks a nurse can complete, rather truly being with people in need.


As an assistant nursing professor, I provide instruction to nursing students in psychiatric mental health, focusing on therapeutic communication and development of patient rapport. My teaching methods are engaging and straight forward. I am a patient, professional, and approachable instructor. I have a wide knowledge base in geriatric and psychiatric mental nursing and am enthusiastic about sharing professional experiences with my students.


BA (Psychology/Behavioral Sciences): Concordia University — Nebraska, 2009
BS (Nursing): University of Sioux Falls, 2012
MS (Nurse Education): Nebraska Methodist College, 2016