• Assistant Vice President for Student Development
  • Assistant Professor of History and Catholic Studies
School of Arts & Sciences, Student Life

About Me

I'm originally from central New York. After college, I found myself returning to academic work while also working in various roles in Student Development during my graduate school years. When I came to Mary, this integration was a part of my position from the beginning. My current work in Student Development and serving as faculty continues to allow me to ask questions about both the academic experience and the student life experience, bridging these two worlds for those who work here and those who learn here. I am also a member of the Benedictine Oblates of Mary.

Why I’m At Mary

I love being a part of a community that's asking questions about how we encounter truth and the person of Truth, in our study, our prayer, and our lives.


American Catholicism, US History, Politics & Religion, the Great Depression


MDiv: Lincoln Christian University, 2007
MA (US History): The Catholic University of America, 2011
PhD (History): The Catholic University of America, 2016