• Associate Professor of Physical Therapy
  • Fellow in Catholic Studies
Saint Gianna School of Health Sciences

About Me

I am an associate professor in the Physical Therapy Program at the University of Mary. I earned my DPT in 2005 from the University of North Dakota. I am a board-certified clinical specialist in pediatric physical therapy. I began teaching in 2008 at UMary and have an extensive pediatric physical therapy clinical background. Through my teaching, I am able to share my passion for physical therapy, children of all abilities and their families. I am married to my husband Chris and have three children Conner, Olivia, and Chloe. In my free time I enjoy volunteering, running, reading, outdoor adventures, and being parent spectator extraordinaire.

Why I’m At Mary

The university's abiltiy to continue to live its mission established by the Benedictine Sisters provides a foundational rooting for all of us as a community. I am honored to be a part of the community and do my part to serve the university, our students, and greater community.


I am a board certified pediatric clinical specialist. I teach in the content areas of pediatric physical therapy, motor control, gait, prosthetic rehab, and advanced patient managment with an emphasis on clinical reasoning. My research efforts have focused on community engagement of individuals with participation restrictions, and entry-level pediatric physical therapy education.

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MPT: University of North Dakota, 1999
DPT: University of North Dakota, 2005

Feature Content

I have been actively involved in the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), both the Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapists and the North Dakota Chapter. I have served on the North Dakota Board as recruitment chair, delegate/chief delegate, ethics, and finance committees.

Nationally, for the Academy of Pediatric PTs I have served as the ND state representative, on the public relations committee, governance review task force, as Communications Chair, Secretary, and now chair of the Academic and Clinical Educator (ACE) SIG.

I was also selected to be a member of the Education Summit 1 and was a participant and part of the planning committee member for Education Summit 2. I have served as the advisor for the University of Mary PT Club, been a represenative on the University Senate, and have served on the faculty council.  

I am a board member of Designer Genes and am a member of Corpus Christi Parish.