• Instructor of Bioethics
Saint Gianna School of Health Sciences

About Me

My interest in bioethics stems from dealing with the death of my parents. I realized that if I had questions during this process, others in the pew might have them as well. What began simply as a certificate in Catholic bioethics ended up as a Doctorate degree several years later. I am interested in the ministerial aspects of Catholic bioethics that help inform consciences of those facing difficult life decisions. As a research chemist in the pharmaceutical industry for thirty years, I am also interested in research bioethics as it applies to pharmaceutical development.

Why I’m At Mary

The University of Mary proudly and joyfully teaches bioethics within the authentic teachings of the Catholic Church. Teaching within the realm of Ex Corde Ecclesiae gives students and instructors at the University of Mary the freedom to have honest discussion on difficult life subjects - particularly in bioethics. Such discussions prepare our students to bring these discussions forward after graduation.


Catholic and Research Bioethics

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2018. "Extraordinary Means and Biotherapeutic Treatments: Factoring In Financial Toxicity," The National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly. 18(2): 227-236.

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D.Bioethics: Loyola University of Chicago, 2021
PhD (Chemistry): Northern Illinois University, 1991
MA (Theology): Holy Apostles College and Seminary, 2010

Feature Content

I am a monthly contributor to the Catholic Journal. You can read my articles here.