OUR FUTURE: An Exciting Vision for Tomorrow

How Firm a Foundation

Beautiful things keep happening at the University of Mary. Our main campus is alive and thriving: record numbers of students arrive each year, many from well beyond our native Dakota prairie. Classrooms, labs, chapels, and residence halls are full to overflowing.

Exciting new programs in Rome and Arizona have taken root even as we serve students at campuses from Fargo to Billings to Kansas City and online, students in every season of their lives. And our rising national profile as a great Catholic university builds upon steady local confidence that we are a center and source for Christian and Benedictine values.

Such exciting growth is only ever possible on a foundation set deep and well-built. The example of our founding Sisters is always before us; we acknowledge them as courageous women of risk and thrift, true missionaries of faith and culture. And the remarkable leadership of past presidents and their collaborators has blessed us with a culture of generous service, bold dreams, financial resilience, entrepreneurial acumen, and moral courage. The future of the University of Mary rises up on the best of foundations.

The North Dakota Moment

Never before has our home state known such prosperity. Energy and agriculture are booming; construction and industry are thriving. But anxiety hangs over all this growth. What will happen to our culture and our communities? What will happen to the best of North Dakota?

It was for times like these that universities were founded. Never before has the University of Mary been so ready and able to fulfill what is central to our mission. Mary is about to emerge as the strongest hope to preserve and pass on to a new generation the best of North Dakota values: integrity, faith, hard work, care for neighbor, and hearty endurance in the face of every setback and difficulty.

We will work right here on the prairie to grow and form the business leaders and teachers who will be the lifeblood of communities in this region. Our graduates in health care will be the ethical nurses and therapists and primary care doctors who serve in our growing cities and rural towns. Mary’s scientists and engineers will blend technical proficiency with a keen understanding of the human condition. Mary will be a fountain of religious vocations to provide the Christian people with devoted pastoral leadership. And our graduates will be great ambassadors for the arts, because Mary will continue to grow as a thriving center for music, theater, literature and all the arts and sciences, bringing to life for a new generation the treasures of nature, culture, and grace.

There is a Brightness in Them

We also sense a call to greatness that transcends our own place and time because we find ourselves not so much in an age of change, but in a change of age. The stakes are high. But what an opportunity for a university founded on the timeless principles which have always guided the human quest for lasting joy and happiness! Students are coming to us from across the country and around the world seeking education for the whole of life. As a source of Radiance and Life we shall serve them as never before, so that the weary and broken-hearted will meet our graduates and say, in wonder: “There is a Brightness in Them!”

As we stand before this moment of opportunity, the words of that great champion of Catholic higher education, Saint John Henry Newman, resonate in our hearts: “This is our hour, whatever be its duration: the hour for great hopes, great schemes, great efforts, great beginnings. We may live indeed to see but little built, but we shall see much founded. A new era seems to be at hand, and a bolder policy is showing itself … to recommence the Age of Universities.”