A message from our president, Monsignor James P. Shea

These early springtime weeks after Easter mark the season of Commencement at the University of Mary, when our campus should be bursting with joyous new life and the arrival of family and friends from across the nation and around the world to celebrate with our graduates. 

But it’s quiet here these days, and we miss our students. It reminds us that a university isn’t first of all a business or an institution. We are a community – an “alma mater” – a family for growth and nurture in the great enterprise of education. We exist for the sharpening of the mind and the deepening of the heart. It’s what we do. It’s who we are. We exist for you.

And so we miss you very much.

The distance between us is necessary, but it is merely physical. The University of Mary is always with you, and always will be. When those first Sisters came to Dakota Territory in 1878, they brought with them the indomitable Christian spirit, a courage which down all the centuries has taught us to confront challenges and overcome them—together. We know it won't be long before the laughter of our students will once again echo in the residence halls and the Crow’s Nest, the noble and happy striving of athletic competition will resume, the chapels and classrooms and laboratories will again be full, and our professors and students will once more meet each other face to face. 

Even now, in less visible ways, our life together continues and Mary continues to serve our students. Until we are together again, a candle burns brightly for you in the Grotto. You and your families are always in my prayers.

In Mary,

Monsignor James P Shea

Monsignor James P. Shea