Virtuous Leadership Certificate of Completion

In addition to the graduate business degrees with Virtuous Leadership concentration, the University of Mary offers a certificate of completion in Virtuous Leadership. This is a stand-alone three-course option that requires the completion of two core courses and one elective.

You can obtain your certificate of completion in Virtuous Leadership in as few as four months. Choose from the specific coursework options below:

Core Courses

PHI 550 Philosophy of Happiness

A critical investigation of the human quest for beatitude from the Classical Age through Christendom to modern times, including practical application and insights for today’s world and workplace.

BUS 670 Havard Virtuous Leadership Immersion

A unique, four-day immersive learning experience taught by Alexandre Havard that provides students the opportunity to appraise and apply Havard’s Virtuous Leadership principles.

Electives (choose one)

BUS 680 Business & Catholic Social Teaching

Modern culture tends to separate business leaders from their faith in the day-to-day leadership and management of their organizations. Catholic social teaching, however, proposes the integration of faith and work, in which faith guides and directs business decisions at every level. Drawing upon one of the greatest repositories of moral teaching in human history—including Rerum Novarum, Economic Justice for All, and St. John Paul II’s Laborem Exercens—this course offers students unique insights into the nature of the human person and institutions from the family, small business, and the Church to local, national and multi-national businesses and organizations.

BUS 688 Culture and Public Service

An exploration of the indispensable role of human culture—including the influence of relationships among employers and employees—in shaping various principles and approaches to organizational leadership in the private and public sectors. Students will compare and contrast different models in organizational management and define how competitive advantage and strategic goals and outcomes, with a view to the common good, are achieved through ethical and effective leadership.

Program Advisor: For more information about our Virtuous Leadership Certificate of Completion program, please contact University of Mary Admissions at (800) 288-6279..