Whenever the Eucharist is celebrated, it embraces the entire human family, both living and dead, with its benefits extending to the whole world. However, it is a pious custom and powerful spiritual practice to request that Holy Mass be offered for a special, primary intention: for friends and family, for the needs of the Church, in gratitude to God for some particular grace.

When requesting a mass intention, it’s customary to make an offering, normally $10. This is not a charge for services rendered; rather, it is a gracious acknowledgement of the materials used for the celebration of the mass—the candles, the bread and wine, and so on. Those unable to make a financial contribution are still always encouraged to submit mass intentions.

If you’d like to let someone know you’ve requested that a mass be said for them, you’re also welcome to pick up a mass card from University Ministry.

Fill out the form below to have a Mass offered at the University of Mary for your intentions.