Residence Requirements for On-Campus Students

At the University of Mary, living on-campus is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live in and be a part of a Benedictine student community.

U-Mary alumni often tell us that living on-campus gave them the opportunity to make lifelong friends. They were able to enjoy informal conversations (at meal times and late at night in the residence hall) and get involved in a variety of campus activities.

This is consistent with research at colleges and universities across the country indicating that on-campus students are significantly more likely than their off-campus peers to succeed academically, to be involved in campus activities, to graduate, and to feel positive about their college experience.

For these reasons, like many public and private colleges and universities, the University of Mary requires students to live on-campus. The intent of the University of Mary policy is to require freshmen and sophomores to live on campus. The policy is as follows:

Any student under the age of 21, who on the day classes begin has not completed a minimum of 60 credits from an accredited college or university, is required to live on-campus for the entire semester. Any exception to this policy must be approved in advance by the vice president for Student Development.

Exceptions eligible for consideration are limited to the following:

  • During the semester in question, the student will continue to live with his/her parents or court-appointed legal guardians in the primary family home where the street address of the home is no more than 60 miles from the University of Mary main campus.
  • The student will reach his/her 21st birthday during the semester in question.
  • The student has already lived on-campus for two complete academic years (four semesters) at the University of Mary or at another accredited college or university.
  • The student is married. Students with plans to marry during the time they are required to live on-campus will be required to live on-campus up to the date of the wedding.
  • The student is the legal custodial parent or court-appointed custodial guardian of a minor child or children.
  • The student is registered with the Student Disability Services program with a documented disability, and is able to provide appropriate documentation to verify the need for a reasonable accommodation in the student residence facility the university is not able to provide.

Students who would like to submit a request for approval to live off-campus consistent with the circumstances listed above should submit their request using the Request To Live Off-Campus Form.

Forms are also at the Student Development Office located in Room 1503 of the Benedictine Center for Servant Leadership. The university reserves the right to consider each request on a case-by-case basis and require any documentation deemed necessary to verify the information submitted with the request.

As part of the approval process, a legally recognized parent or court-appointed legal guardian must sign the request. A minimum of 10 business days is required to process requests.

The student is advised not to enter into any off-campus lease or rental agreement before the university makes its determination with regard to the student’s request. The determination made by the vice president for Student Development with regard to all requests is final.

The student who receives approval to live off-campus as a first-year student must renew his/her approval for subsequent years by submitting a new request. The renewal must be completed prior to the time the student registers for his/her classes. If renewal is not complete, the Student Development Office will place a hold on the student’s ability to register for classes.

Any student who provides false information to obtain university approval to live off-campus as well as any student who has obtained legitimate approval to live off-campus consistent with the policy but whose living arrangements are not consistent with those approved is subject to the following:

  • The student will be required to promptly move on-campus
  • The student will forfeit his/her eligibility to submit another request for approval to live off-campus
  • The student will be financially responsible for on-campus housing charges for the time he/she was not compliance with the university's policy
  • The student will be placed at a Level 4 Student Conduct Status with all applicable sanctions, including ineligibility to participate in extracurricular activities

Approved by the President, March 2008