Student Request for Parking Fee Waiver Form

Each semester, upon registration, every student’s account is automatically charged for a parking permit. To have the parking fee charge removed from your student account you MUST complete this waiver form no later than May 17, 2021 for the summer semester.

If you would like to waive parking fees, THIS FORM MUST BE COMPLETED EACH SEMESTER.

*** If you later choose to bring a vehicle to the main campus you must immediately stop by the office of Safety and Security located in Room 209 of the Benedictine Center building to register your vehicle and pick up a parking permit. Any students outside of the main campus will be required to contact the Safety and Security Office via email at [email protected]. Or call at 701-355-8000.

Students that waive the parking permit and are found to have an unregistered vehicle on campus will be issued a $100 non-appealable citation. The applicable parking permit fee will also be charged.

Fill out my online form.