Schola - MUS 414

The University of Mary Schola is joint venture between the Music Department and the Saint John Paul II Center for University Ministry. The Schola is a new ensemble in University Ministry, and provides music for campus liturgies on Wednesday mornings, Sunday evenings, and other special campus liturgical events. It has an additional focus on preparing special ensemble performance music for Mass. The Schola will sing for all liturgies, but have one Wednesday and one Sunday "off" each month. The Schola is between 8-10 singers. Membership is available through an audition. Cantors for Mass are selected by audition from the Chapel Choir and Schola ensembles. Schola singers receive course credit as well as a stipend at the end of the semester.

From Latin: Schola (plural scholas or scholae)

  1. Originally, a musical school attached to a monastery or church. Also known as a schola cantorum.
  2. Today, a group of musicians, particularly one which specializes in liturgical music.