University of Mary Tuition and Fees

At just over half the average tuition of American private colleges, the University of Mary is one of the most affordable private universities in the nation. If you have any questions about our tuition and fees, or need help with financial aid, please contact our admissions team at 800-288-6279.

Pricing listed on this page is effective starting Fall 2018. The information on this page is intended to estimate overall costs. Fees and other financial information on the website are subject to change.

Graduate Tuition

Speech Language Pathology - per semester* (inclusive of fees) $8,400
Physical Therapy - per semester* $10,035
Occupational Therapy - per semester* $9,650
Doctorate of Occupational Therapy - per semester* $10,035
Summer/Part-Time Physical Therapy - per credit $745
Summer/Part-Time Occupational Therapy - per credit $715
Education - Doctorate - per credit $650

Nursing - FNP Program - per credit (other course/program fees also apply to this program) 

All Courses - per credit $600
All Other On-Line Course - per credit $600
Audit of Lecture Course - per credit $300
Distance Learning Fee - per course (applicable for all courses listed above) $135
Master of Business Administration (MBA) - per credit $520
Master of Science in Business (MSB) - per credit $520
Master of Project Management (MPM) - per credit $520
Master of Public Administration (MPA) - per credit $520
Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) - per credit $450
MSN/MBA Dual Degree - per credit $575
Master of Science in Counseling (MSC) - per credit $600
Master of Education (MEd) - per credit $655
Master of Science in Kinesiology - per credit $655
Master of Science in Clinical Exercise Physiology - per credit $655
Master of Science in Bioethics - per credit $655
Master of Science in Respiratory Therapy - per credit $600
Concentrations - per credit $500
Certificates - per credit $500

* A full-time graduate student is one enrolled in 9 or more credit hours per semester.

Application for Admission - Graduate (Non-refundable) $45.00
Technology Fees - Per Credit (All courses except Distance Ed.) $25.00
Distance Learning Fee Per Online Course $135.00
Graduation $100.00
Transcript Evaluation for Educational Credential $45.00
University Center/Wellness Center Fee (per semester) $125.00
Parking - Main Campus $50.00
Parking - Satellite Locations $25.00
Security - Full Time (per semester) $100.00
Security - Part Time (per credit) - Main Campus $8.33
Security - Part Time (per credit) - Satellite Locations $5.00

Social Work* $60.00
Nursing* $750.00 - $1,000.00
Education $25.00 - $100.00
Student Liability Insurance (per year) $35.00
Student Liability Insurance (per year) Nurse Practitioner $85.00



Practica fees vary and are based on length of time and program area requirements.

*Applicable only to Clinical Courses

CLEP Testing - Administrative Fee $25.00
CLEP Testing - Test Fee to CLEP $80.00
DSST Testing - Administrative Fee $25.00
DSST Testing - Test Fee to DSST $80.00
Course Validation - Graduate Awarded Credit Fee $100.00


Continuing Education Credit (CEU) - 10 Contact Hours = 1.0 CEU $20.00 minimum
Graduate Workshop/Conference Credit - 15 Contact Hours = 1.0 GWC credit $50.00
Graduate Classroom Credit - *15 Instruct. Hrs = 1.0 Course Credit  $85.00



Graduate Classroom Credit

     * 15 Instructional Hours = 1.0 Course Credit

     * 30 Outside Study Hours/Credit: $75.00


* - Reflects HEA Credit Hour Definition mandate effective 07/01/2011

All workshop participants will pay a $10 non-refundable pre-registration fee. All telephone reservations will be mailed a confirmation form which must be returned with the pre-registration prior to the published cut-off date. When a workshop is offered during the academic year, all full-time students will pay the workshop fee if they wish to attend. However, when credit is granted and it is within their first 18 hours, there would be no additional cost to the student. Any hours above 18 credit hours would be chargeable to the student at the current rate.