Tuition Payments: Charge Appeal Process

Charge appeals are petitions to change or remove charges on a Student Account.

To appeal a charge on your student account, a student must fill out the Request to Review/Appeal Charge Form that can be found at on the Student Account page under Forms.

Students may request a charge appeal for several reasons including a perceived violation of university policy, an advising error, a late fee/finance charge that should not have been charged, or any other charge violation the student feels needs to be addressed.

It should be noted that the University has published policies on tuition fees and refunds and charge appeal requests that simply disagree with the policy are not granted.

If a student is requesting an exception to the policy they must visit with Financial Aid Services first to receive counseling concerning any implications a charge appeal may have to their financial aid eligibility.

If you are requesting an exception to the University policy, supporting documentation along with a copy of the policy section under appeal must be attached to the Request to Review/Appeal Charge Form. For example if an advising error was made please include a statement signed from your advisor confirming that such an error was made.

The Director of Student Accounts along with the Vice President of Financial Affairs will determine if proper University policies have been followed and make an adjustment based on their review. An e-mail will be sent to the Student’s University of Mary email account regarding the decision.