UMary Alumni Advice for Graduates

Being a graduate of the University of Mary isn't just a status used on a resume, but a great achievement and honor that comes with great pride. Below are some thoughts and advice from your fellow UMary alumni to all upcoming graduates.

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Being a member of the University of Mary family is not something that ends with graduation, but rather it begins. Although this transition from student to graduate may seem daunting, be sure to savor this time, embrace change, engage life, and envision the future. Years from now, when you are far removed from your days at the University, your presence and membership in the UMary “family” will be as significant, important, appreciated, and valued as it is now. Life’s possibilities are endless so enjoy the ride remembering to always look ahead while never forgetting the path you traveled to get here."  

Headshot image of University of Mary Alumnus, Daniel Keith.

Daniel J. Keith, DDS, MS
DK Orthodontics
Class of 2005

Take time off! Graduate and then take a break, even if it's a week or two, take the time to decompress and celebrate what you have accomplished. Even if your new job wants you to start right away, you can always negotiate. Take the time to breathe, relax and prepare for your new chapter. Once you enter the adult world, it's only PTO and holidays from there on out."  

Headshot image of University of Mary Alumnus, Hannah Haynes.

Hannah Haynes
Bismarck Magazine
Class of 2015

I wish you the best of luck as you move forward on the next leg of your journey, whether that be continuing your education or beginning your career path. Know that you have your alma mater supporting and wishing you all the best. With a quality education and a strong faith guiding you, move forward in confidence and with pride. Always be mindful that those you associate and network with will be very important to your career and future. Opportunities will come to you when you build the right foundation and always remain mindful of those who help you along the way."  

Headshot image of University of Mary Alumnus, Andrew Schmid.

Andrew Schmid, DDS
Bjork Dental
Class of 2011