Welcome to your Virtual SOAR experience

Thank you for joining us virtually, as you begin your college journey at the University of Mary! During this virtual event, you will meet faculty, prepare your course schedule, and learn about exciting programs and services at the University of Mary.

The information below is your virtual guide with directions for SOAR. Please review the information and take special note of the directions for your online one-on-one session with a University of Mary faculty member, who will help you prepare your fall schedule. 

Welcome to Mary!


Things to do before SOAR

You will receive in the mail (sent to your house) your login information for your University of Mary WebMail. The letter will also include your University of Mary student ID number and login information for my.umary.edu, our student portal. You’ll need access to these platforms for your virtual SOAR experience. We encourage you to take some time to familiarize yourself with them before the event.

  1. Complete your SOAR paperwork

    SOAR Documents

    Please check that you have completed the following forms in your application portal:

    • Communication Apprehension Survey: This form helps your advisor place you in the appropriate oral communications course.
    • SOAR Advising Form: This form helps your advisor know about your goals and plans for your college career, including you interest in Year-Round Campus and global studies opportunities. 
  2. Log in to your University of Mary email account

    Access your University of Mary WebMail here: outlook.com/umary.edu
    Make sure to set your time zone to Central Time to coincide with the University of Mary main campus location.
  3. Accept your advising meeting invite

    Be on the lookout for a Microsoft Teams meeting invite for a one-on-one session with a University of Mary faculty member, who will help you prepare your fall schedule.

    We ask that you accept this meeting invite at least a day in advance.

    More information on your advising session is below.
  4. Schedule an appointment with financial aid (optional)

    One-on-one virtual meetings for parents and students are available with the Financial Aid Office to answer any questions. These meetings allow Financial Aid representatives to have a meeting with you similar to an in-person visit, by sharing screens. To register for an appointment, click the link below.


Get ahead

The following items need to be completed by the end of SOAR. If you’re ready to work on them ahead of time, please feel free to complete these items before SOAR. Steps one through four are found in the Residence Life portal. To access your information in this portal, follow these steps:

  • Reset your University of Mary email password. 
  • Visit the Residence Life portal
    • Log in using your University of Mary username (your email without the @umary.edu) and password that you just reset 
  1. Complete your residence life application

    • In the Residence Life portal, go to the Application tab to review and sign the following: 
      • Fall 2020 New Application for Male Residence Life Program or Female Residence Life Program 
  2. Complete your residence life agreement

    Also in the Residence Life portal, go to the Application tab to review and sign the 2020 Fall and Spring Residence Life Agreement. (If under 18, download the agreement here and upload it into your application portal)

  3. Complete your roommate request (optional)

    If you would like to select a roommate, go to the Room Selection tab in the Residence Life portal.

    • Select Roommates/Suitemates (both roommates must accept their requests on the housing portal for the assignment to be completed) 
    • If you do not have a specific roommate/suitemate, you will be assigned a roommate
      If you have any questions about Residence Life at the University of Mary, feel free to email [email protected] or contact our Director of Residence Life, Alex Cournoyer at 701-355-8026.
  4. Choose a meal plan

    To choose your Meal Plan, go to the Meal Plans tab in the Residence Life portal.

    • Choose “Select/Change My Plan”
    • Select the Term: Fall 2020 and click Submit
    • Click on “Select Dining Plan”
    • From here, you can choose from your eligible meal plans and click Submit

    To learn more about our meal plan options, view our meal plan brochure.



  1. Start your day

    We look forward to connecting with you today! To begin, take a moment to reflect by joining us for Mass. Mass is livestreamed at 10am CDT each day, or you can view previously recorded Masses using the link above. Then, watch this welcome video by Monsignor James P. Shea, University of Mary president.
  2. Learn about our Year-Round Campus program

    Year-Round Campus (YRC) is a one-of-a-kind college career option that gives you the opportunity to achieve your bachelor’s degree in 2.6 years and your master’s in four.  

    The University of Mary accepts qualified, deserving new students each summer into YRC. If you are accepted as a YRC fellow, your college experience includes:

    • Reduced cost for room, a rate one-third less than you’d pay in fall and spring!
    • An additional semester on the previous academic year’s rate for tuition, meaning you’re paying less for your education. And, financial aid and scholarships follow you into the summer semester, too. It is the most affordable way to get an already-affordable University of Mary education.
    • A vibrant experience in the North Dakota summer, with visiting scholars from other universities, hiking in the Badlands, and sunny days with almost no humidity
    • At the end of your bachelor’s degree, YRC fellows receive the first class of their master’s degree free, if they choose to continue on following graduation.

    If you’re ready to sign-up to be a YRC fellow for our summer 2021 cohort, let your faculty advisor know during your advising session, or contact your admissions representative. More information is also on our Year-Round Campus page.

  3. Explore global studies opportunities

    Step outside the classroom and into the world in a global studies program. We provide unique opportunities for students to enrich their lives while serving diverse communities around the globe. Global Studies at Mary combines a rigorous educational program with life-changing opportunities to experience a foreign culture, make new friends, and put the Benedictine values into action. Explore our programs and discover the world of experiences waiting for you at Mary.


  4. Prepare for and attend your advising session

    Before Your Advising Session

    1. Login to your UMary email; this is where you’ll receive an invitation to participate in your virtual advising session. If you need help logging in, see the information above in the Things to Do Before section of this page.
    2. Browse the UMary Catalog to review course requirements for majors and minors, this will help when you meet with one of our faculty advisors.
    3. View the Degree Paths and Core Requirements

    Important! All official communication regarding your University of Mary advising session will arrive in your University of Mary email inbox.

    1. One to two days prior to SOAR, you’ll receive a welcome message from a faculty member in your University of Mary email inbox. The message will have in the subject line: “Virtual SOAR Advising Session.” This email will  contain information about your designated advising time in Central Daylight Time (CDT), and information on how to join the virtual meeting including a Microsoft Teams link.
    2. Accept the meeting invitation when you receive it by clicking the “accept” button.
    3. After accepting the invitation, the information on how to access the meeting will move to your Outlook calendar. Click on the date of your SOAR Event to view the calendar invite.
    4. If your advisor does not immediately appear on the screen or join the meeting, don’t panic. In some cases, advisors may need a few minutes between advising appointments to take notes and complete paperwork. The advisor will send you an email to let you know if she or he is running more than five minutes behind. 

    Note: It is suggested that students use a computer or smartphone with a webcam for this appointment, and ensure that you are in a quiet environment for the meeting. However, if you are unable to use a computer or smartphone with webcam, you can participate using the phone number in the meeting invite to dial in to speak with your SOAR advisor.

    Your advisor will ask you several questions during your advising session and will have a copy of your admissions file, including your ACT/SAT scores and high school transcripts. Your advisor will need your help determining what courses are the best fit for you.

    Be prepared to answer the following questions:

    • Are you interested in participating in our Year-Round Campus program? To learn more, visit our Year-Round Campus page.
    • Are you interested in studying at our Rome or Arizona Campus? To learn more, visit our Rome campus or Arizona campus pages.
    • How certain are you that you’ve selected the right major for you?
    • Do you plan on double majoring, selecting a minor, and/or choosing a concentration?
    • Do you prefer morning, afternoon, or evening classes?
    • Have you had a chance to look at our general education (liberal arts core) options? Are there any courses that are of particular interest to you?
    • Have you taken any AP exams? Will you be taking any AP exams this spring?
    • Have you taken any dual credit coursework currently not listed on your high school transcript?
    • Share a little more about your level of math and English skills. Do you need any refreshers in math or writing before taking the major requirements in these areas?
    At the end of your advising session, your SOAR advisor will compile a list of courses in which you’d like to be enrolled. Your advisor will identify course times/sections after your meeting and enroll you in them. You can view your schedule online, within one to two business days (see instructions below). You'll also receive a follow-up email from Admissions, reminding you to login to my.umary.edu to review your schedule. This follow-up email will include instructions on how to access your schedule and guidance on who to contact for any schedule changes.

    Within one to two business days after your advising session, you can login to my.umary.edu to view your fall schedule: 

    1. Visit my.umary.edu
    2. Enter your username and password
    3. Click on the Student tab
      • In the Navigation Bar located on the left-hand side, click on the folder labeled Academic Information
      • Click on Schedules and GPA
      • Go to the Student Schedule on the right. Click View Details to be able to select your term and download your schedule as a pdf
  5. Prepare for and attend your financial aid appointment (optional)

    If you or your parents would like to visit with a member of our Financial Aid office during our virtual SOAR event, click the button below to schedule a one-on-one virtual meeting. In this meeting a Financial Aid representative will meet with you similar to an in-person visit by sharing screens.


Things to Learn after your SOAR Session

With 18 NCAA Division II athletic teams, there is plenty to cheer about at the University of Mary. Whether you are on a team or cheering from the sidelines, you’ll feel our Marauders spirit. Our athletic coaches and staff are dedicated to the spiritual, academic, and athletic excellence of our scholar-athletes. In August 2019, we launched our athletic strategic plan, Greatness through Virtue. Six virtues are the backbone of our work with scholar-athletes, informing all that we do and aspire to be: magnanimity, humility, prudence, courage, justice, and temperance.

The University of Mary offers a strong, vibrant community grounded in Christian, Catholic, and Benedictine values. Student Life focuses on the development of the whole person, for the whole of life, so students are able to discover and develop their gifts, and give their gifts to others. 

Mary offers more than 30 student organizations, 18 NCAA Division II athletic teams, a variety of music ensemblesintramural sportsvolunteer experiences, and much more. 

The Saint John Paul II Center for University Ministry serves the spiritual needs of the entire University of Mary community. We offer a broad range of programs designed to promote a vibrant spiritual life and a university-wide climate of discernment, engagement, and evangelization.

If you would like, please fill out the following inquiry forms to give the University Ministry staff an idea as to what you are interested in and also take a look at the University Ministry website.

University Ministry Interest Inventory

Freshman Retreat

March for Life

University Ministry Webpage

The University of Mary is dedicated to helping you recognize and develop your potential. We provide a wide range of academic services and support to help you succeed: 


At the University of Mary, providing equal opportunities for students with disabilities is a campus-wide responsibility and commitment, guided by the university’s mission and federal law. Student Accessibility Services ensures equal access for students with disabilities to fully participate in the university environment. 

Student Accessibility Services: 

  • Provides individual consultation regarding the possible presence of a disability, making referrals when appropriate.
  • Determines eligibility for reasonable accommodations.
  • Consults with students, faculty, and staff to coordinate appropriate accommodations.
  • Promotes an accessible and inclusive campus environment.

Promotes self-advocacy within students with disabilities, disability awareness, and universal design principles.  

For further information please contact:

Lynn Johnson Dodge, EdD Coordinator of Student Accessibility Services
Student Success Center in Welder, Suite 133
University of Mary
7500 University Dr. Bismarck, ND 58504
[email protected] 


Below is a summary of additional website resources available to students

University Catalog

  • View admissions requirements, academic policies, program curricula and requirements and course descriptions. You can also download degree planner worksheets


  • Order official transcripts, request enrollment verification, download AP, CEP, or DSST exam equivalency cards, view the academic calendar, view the final exam schedule, download report versions of course schedule, and find info regarding commencement and graduation

8000.umary.edu (Campus Safety & Security)

  • Sign up for the emergency messaging system, view emergency or weather-related updates, and find policies and forms for parking


  • Buy books for your courses, view list of required texts for your courses, and purchase other University of Mary merchandise


  • Explore our graduate degrees and program offerings for adult students.