University of Mary Graduate Admissions Requirements

Graduate degree seeking students must apply for admission to graduate study and must hold a bachelor's degree or higher from a United States regionally accredited institution of higher education or from an international school approved by the country's Ministry of Education.


An official transcript from the institution of higher education granting the bachelor's degree is required for admission to graduate studies. Exceptions are program specific and may be found in degree program sections within this website. Other requirements for admissions to a specific degree program (e.g., criminal background check; volunteer hours) are listed within degree program descriptions found within the Graduate Studies Catalog and in the academics section of this website. [Graduate Council: 12.09. 2009]

Degree seeking students in good academic standing who request to re-enter following a hiatus of one calendar year must submit a Re-Entry Application for consideration by the department for the program of study. Official transcripts for college work undertaken during the period of absence must be submitted as part of the Re-Entry Application process. Students who have unofficially withdrawn from the University (i.e., "stepped out") for greater than one calendar year must re-apply to the University of Mary - Graduate Studies and to the department which houses the original or selected program of study. The student who re-applies enters under the current program of study for the degree sought. Course credits earned prior to the 'step out' are considered current if they have been earned within a seven (7) consecutive year time frame and if they remain required for the program of study. [Graduate Council: 12.09.2009]


Please contact Shelby Imdieke (701-355-8134, [email protected]) or our Admissions Office if you have questions regarding International Admissions.

A non-degree seeking graduate student is someone who plans to take at least one graduate course for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. Graduate School Preparation
    Students with an undergraduate degree and, in certain cases, students who are taking graduate courses pre-requisite to a graduate program may enroll as non-degree seeking students. In the latter case, students are to seek advisement from the graduate program director for specific information about enrolling in graduate courses as an undergraduate student. At minimum, the undergraduate student must hold senior status (greater than 90 semester credits earned). [Revised by Graduate Council on 05.12.10]
  2. Personal Interest
    Students in this category, who often take courses for personal or professional development and do not necessarily intend on enrolling in a degree-seeking program, may apply as non-degree seeking graduate students.
  3. Certificate Preparation
    Students enrolled in graduate level certificate programs are non-degree seeking students.
  4. Deciding on Degree-Seeking Program
    University of Mary offers eight graduate degrees with 29 areas of study. The non-degree status offers students the opportunity to explore different courses in selected fields (e.g., business, nursing, education) before applying to a degree-seeking program. For example, a student may be unsure as to whether to seek a degree in business administration with a focus on management to seek a degree in project management or strategic leadership. However, students who take courses under the non-degree seeking status are not guaranteed placement into a degree-seeking program and must adhere to regular admissions requirements. Students may take up to nine (9) credits in some major areas of study as a non-degree seeking student before declaring degree-seeking status.
  5. Missed Degree-Seeking Program Deadline
    Although many programs at the University of Mary offer rolling admissions, some have specific application deadlines. Students who do not complete their application by the set deadline may apply as non-degree seeking students. However, students who take courses under the non-degree seeking status are not guaranteed placement into a degree-seeking program and must adhere to degree-seeking admissions requirements.

The minimum requirements to be admitted as a non-degree seeking graduate student are as follows:

  • For graduate level academic certificate programs, a bachelor's degree or higher conferred by a United States regionally accredited institution or an international school approved by the country's Ministry of Education
  • Academic achievement in undergraduate studies indicating a capacity to succeed in graduate coursework (minimum of 2.5/4.0)
  • Students who are in the final phase of their undergraduate program of study may request approval to take up to nine semester credits graduate coursework while an undergraduate student providing they are in good academic standing and that they have a minimum undergraduate cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Approval by the director of graduate studies [Graduate Council: 01.13. 2010]