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Our peer-tutoring program is not geared for students who are averaging and consistently performing in the “B” and “A” ranges, unless approved by the Student Success Center.  If you are in this above average range and feel you need extra help we strongly recommend that you participate in the walk-in Tutor Center, dorms study group program, or seek assistance from the instructor.

The University of Mary offers a peer tutoring program, meaning students provide the tutorial assistance.  Peer tutors are required to pass the course with an “A” or “B” or are currently passing the course with an “A” or with an instructor’s recommendation.  If a tutor is not available, the Student Success Center will place ads in the daily bulletin, contact instructors for new tutor recommendations, and contact students who would be qualified to tutor the subject based on past or current performance in the class.

It is your responsibility to notify the Student Success Center as soon as possible for the following reasons:

  • Your tutor cannot regularly meet with you because of schedule conflicts.
  • You feel your tutor is not helping you or you would like another tutor.
  • Your tutor is being dishonest on the time sheets (please note that when you sign the timesheet you are agreeing that the time listed for tutoring is accurate).
  • Your tutor is offering you less tutoring per week than you feel you need (you are authorized up to 2 hours per week per course unless additional hours are approved by the Student Success Center).
  • Your grade improves to an “A” or “B”

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