Student Accessibility Confidentiality

University of Mary is committed to protecting the privacy of students with by ensuring all information and communications pertaining to a student’s disability is maintained confidential as required or permitted by law. This information may include psycho-educational testing, grades, biographical history, disability information, and case notes.

Policy Regarding Confidentiality and the Release of Information

At University of Mary, Student Accessibility Services has been assigned the responsibility to collect and maintain disability related documentation on students.

Any written material obtained by Student Accessibility Services is used to verify the disability and plan for appropriate services. Neither disability nor the use of accommodations is noted on a student's transcripts.

All disability-related information is securely stored in the Student Success Center or on access-restricted network drives. Only the Coordinator of Student Accessibility Services and the Student Success Center Administrative Assistant have immediate access to student files and records.

Disability-related information is considered highly confidential and will be shared only with others within the University who have a legitimate educational interest or on a “need-to-know” basis. 

Disability-related information will not be released to parties outside the University, including parents, medical providers, and other colleges or universities, except in accordance with federal and state law. For example, disability-related information may be released pursuant to a court order or subpoena or if the student states intent to harm him/herself or others.

Students have the right to review the contents of their files. Students wishing to request a copy of documentation should submit an email request to the Coordinator of Student Accessibility Services. This information may then be shared with outside parties at the discretion of the student.

Documentation will be kept on file for five years after the student is no longer enrolled at the University.  After that time, documents will be appropriately disposed of.