Latin at Mary Pantheon

Learn Latin — the Official Language of the Catholic Church

Learning an ancient language is more than memorizing vocabulary and grammar — it’s a transformative experience that will develop and train your mind to think in new and creative ways. If you choose to study Latin at Mary, you can expect to form new friendships and enrich your knowledge of the language while you prepare yourself for success in a variety of disciplines and career fields!

Latin will also help improve your attention to detail, memory, and critical thinking skills.  Students who learn Latin are more proficient in English, have higher standardized test scores, and can access the wide range of foundational literature written by famous Romans, from Virgil and Cicero to Augustine. In addition, Latin provides the root words for all of the modern sciences, and it’s the language of government, law, logic, and theology.

Latin courses can fulfill your undergraduate language requirement and are compatible with Year-Round Campus.

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    Graduate Opportunities Through the Summer Latin Institute

    Immerse yourself in an ancient language. Our Summer Latin Institute offers courses at the graduate level for those looking to refresh their Latin skills, earn graduate credits, or prepare for future studies in Latin.

    Undergraduate Latin

    Summer Schedule 2023

    • Beginning Latin I: May 8-June 23
      • LAT 101: An introduction to the forms, syntax, and vocabulary of classical Latin (3 credits).
    • Beginning Latin II: June 26-August 18
      • LAT 102: The second semester and continued introduction to the forms, syntax, and vocabulary of classical Latin (3 credits).

    Both undergraduate courses (LAT 101 and LAT 102) will be offered four days per week, for 1 hour and 15 minutes each session. Each course will cover one semester’s worth of language instruction.

    For a full course description visit our catalog.


    Contact the Director of the Summer Latin Institute, Dr. Kathleen Kirsch
    Office: Welder Library 107