Degree type(s): Bachelor's; Minor
Degree field(s): Humanities; Social Sciences
Location(s): Bismarck, ND
Program offerings by location and modality are subject to change.

Politics Program

The four-year Politics Bachelor’s Degree Program at the University of Mary prepares students for a variety of career paths while providing a liberal arts foundation. Our program is designed around an interdisciplinary study of political theory, philosophy, history, economics, and religion. Students explore classic texts that have shaped political life through the ages, as well as the government institutions, legal practices, and political traditions that inform the contemporary political landscape.   


Students in the Politics major program gain an understanding of political philosophy and American political institutions. Classes are offered at the University of Mary’s main campus in Bismarck, allowing students to benefit from:

  1. Real-World Experience

    Located in the North Dakota’s capital city, students have the opportunity to observe and practice politics in real time. Students can complete at internship at the North Dakota State Capitol, join the Pre-Law Club and Marauders on Politics (MOPs), and connect with elected local, state, and federal officials.

  2. Excellent Acceptance and Job Placement Rates

    Our Politics program has evolved from our former Government and Political Philosophy and Public Policy programs. Historically, graduates have had a 100 percent acceptance rate for law school and master’s degree programs in the last 12 years, along with a 100 percent job placement rate. With updates to the program and expanded curriculum, students today will be as effective and successful when earning this bachelor’s degree.

  3. Value-Based Education

    The Politics program works to form “servant leaders with moral courage, global understanding, and commitment to the common good.” This program is designed for students who are interested in solving issues for the betterment of society and the world.

Many today envision politics as a matter of rhetoric, tactics, and power. In contrast, the Politics program at the University of Mary offers a positive vision rooted in the classic sources of the Western tradition, such as Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Burke, Locke, and de Tocqueville, as well the Founding Fathers. Our program focuses on freedom, ordered liberty, the pursuit of justice, and the common good.”

Dr. Leroy Huizenga, Administrative Chair of Human and Divine Sciences

Why a Politics Degree?

Politics is driven by a desire to change the world for the better. Students earning degrees in Politics serve the public interest by working with others to develop policies and regulations to benefit society. Studying politics enables students to gain a deeper understanding of many areas of life – crime, poverty, health, environment, education, and more.

Job Opportunities

University of Mary alumni currently work in North Dakota’s U.S. Senators’ and Representative’s offices, the Governor’s office, the Attorney General’s office, the state legislature, state political party organizations, Bismarck-Mandan Chamber of Commerce, local nonprofit groups, and area law firms.

In Demand

Employment of lawyers is projected to grow eight percent from 2016 to 2026, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Demand for legal work is expected to continue as individuals, businesses, and all levels of government require legal services in many areas.*

*Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook 2016-17 Edition

Curriculum That Expands Your Skills and Interests

Students in University of Mary’s Politics program have the opportunity to learn and serve. Seminars, presentations, and field trips are integrated into classroom learning, giving students the opportunity to interact with the community and volunteer their time to events throughout the region. 

Required Courses for Major

  • POL 105 - Foundations of Politics
  • HIS 271 - US History I OR HIS 101- World Civ I
  • HIS 272 - US History II OR HIS 102 World Civ II
  • POL 210 - World Politics OR POL 340 - Sources of Political Order
  • POL/PHI 317 - Political Philosophy I
  • POL/PHI 318 - Political Philosophy II
  • POL/PHI 330 - American Political Philosophy
  • POL/ECN 320 - Political Economy
  • POL 460 - Congress and the Presidency
  • POL 414 - US Constitutional Law
  • POL 450 - Contemporary Political Thought OR POL/PHI 480- Modernity and the Sovereign State
  • Elective (Any POL Course listed above or listed elective; Except 101)
  • Elective (Any POL Course listed above or listed elective; Except 101)
  • Elective (Any POL Course listed above or listed elective; Except 101)
  • POL 490 - Senior Seminar

Required Courses for Minor

  • POL 317 - Political Philosophy I
  • POL 318 - Political Philosophy II
  • POL 330 - American Political Philosophy
  • POL 414 - US Constitutional Law
  • + (3) Additional Courses: Choose any POL prefix courses (except 101) or electives shown below.

Electives Available for Politics

  • POL 220 - American Public Administration
  • HIS/CTH 330 - Catholicism and the Modern World
  • POL 302 - State and Local Government
  • POl 308 - Public Policy Analysis
  • POL 316 - American Foreign Relations
  • POL/SOC 408 - Political Sociology
  • POL 440 - Political Science Internship
  • POL 470 - Advanced Studies in Politics
  • HIS 451 - World Historical Theme: Church and State  

Acceptance at the University of Mary does not automatically qualify you to pursue a program in one of the academic programs of study. Application requirements are specific to each major or academic program.

We recommend consulting your advisor for details. Applications are reviewed by the faculty members of the program. You will be notified that you have been admitted, admitted provisionally, or denied admission to the program.

Dr. Michael Hickman

Chair of Politics and Pre-Professions
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Office: Welder 174
Phone: 701-355-8038
Email: [email protected] 
Bio: Dr. Michael Hickman Biography

Dr. Mark Springer

Associate Professor of Politics
Office: Welder 175
Phone: 701-355-8164
Email: [email protected]
Bio: Dr. Mark Springer Biography

Dr. Ivan Jankovic

Assistant Professor of Economics
Office: Welder 172
Phone: 701-355-8025
Email: [email protected]